Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weigh~Less Wednesday

It's Weigh~Less Wednesday....I am so sorry for being late..."Better than Late than Never"
My week was great...I lost 2.8 pds.  Hope you all did great! Keep on going...Set your mini goal every week....I met mine!  And SET another mini goal for this week...

If you got off the track...Just get right back on and dust yourself off...Keep staying on track and don't look back!  You CAN do it!

 If you did great...I am so PROUD of you! Way to GO!!! Please share with me on my commnents how you did...Would love to hear from you.

Tips for the week....Make sure you are drinking all your water for the day.  Try some new vegetables or fruit that you never have tried...that way you don't get bored by just eating the same things.  It make the world different to me.  I also put lemon in my water and unsweetened tea to give its a flavor. 

I have been so busy with my new grandbaby...Kylie Mae finally got here on Friday, Sept. 23rd. 7:16 am... She weigh 10 pds 2oz.  21 inches long.  I will post pictures later this week. She is so precious and beautiful! We just love her...Mama and baby are doing just fine...I have the greatest son~in~law who is a wonderful husband and daddy to my girls.

Keep up the good work this week...Get ready ...Set your mini goal for this week...YOU CAN DO IT!
 Have a great week...
Smiles and Hugs

Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Tennessee Girl: Kylie Mae's Big Day!

This Tennessee Girl: Kylie Mae's Big Day!: Tomorrow my cousin Kandi is scheduled to have her first baby by c-section! We are so excited, especially Kandi and Brandon! They have waited...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weigh~Less Wednesday

Welcome to Weigh~Less Wednesday!  Let's get started...Weigh in, Measure yourself, and Set mini goal each week...Who's the boss?  YOU ARE!!! 
Eat healthier foods like fruits,vegetables,and proteins (grilled or bake) NO FRIED...FATTEN...SWEETS! .The main thing of all is....DRINK WATER (8 to 10~ 8oz. a day).

Tips I learned at Weigh Watchers...
Words to avoids on menu...
Au gratin, battered, breaded, buffalo, crispy, fried, and scalloped.

Words for healthier choice on menu ... grilled, baked, boiled, poached, broiled, steamed, and roasted.

EXERCISE... 3X or more a week for 30 minutes.  You CAN do it!  As you progress each can do more minutes.  Don't get discourage if you stay the same or gain...You will build your muscles first...then it's burn fats~  YOU will lose inches...I guaranteed you that!!  Ready let's go....ride bike, walk, dance, zumba, arobic, swim, run, jump rope, lift weigh...whatever is best for YOU.  KEEP MOVING!

It has been a long journey for me but it's worth it! I have lost 57 pds.  55 inches totals thru my journey....But now I have started a mini goal each week...and it has work better for me.  I weigh everyday to keep me on track...and weigh in on Wed. and set another goals.  If I don't reach it...I just keep on going.  Don't give up! You do what's best for you... if you want to wait and weigh in on Wednesday every week to mark your mini goal away. Keep a journey or diary for yourself.... We CAN do it! 

Have a great week...Prayers and Thoughts are with you~
Smiles and Hugs

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