Saturday, August 14, 2010

Celebrating Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 28th Anniversary....We were wed in a double wedding at Magnolia Baptist Church August 14, 1982...First and only double wedding in that church's Dr. Frank Harmon and Dr. David Sellers.
Happy Anniversary Stan and Amy!
Happy Anniversary to my Sweetheart!♥ Me & Jerry ♥ ♥Amy & Stan ♥
The first picture was taken on July 10, 2010 at my niece wedding. Sorry the wedding pictures are a little blurred.
I am the oldest and my sister is the youngest of the family...
We have always been so close...I am 4 years older than Amy
Everybody always thought she was the oldest...because she was so bossy....Ha ha! She would tell us (siblings) what to do. And we do it.... She is a blessing to us....We love you..Amy!
We have had up and down...cry and laughters....But our love has grown stronger since we first married....God has blessed us for 28 years. Looking forward to many more years to come....
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Smiles and Hugs

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Close your eyes and go back in time!

My friend sent this to me...I wanted to share with ya'll...
As I was reading this videos....I was brought back to the memories of good ole' days...What a wonderful memories I had in my childhood years...I would not trade it in for nothing....I wish my child and the other kids could have experience what we had....just for one day without the cell phone, computer and videos games. It's was the good ole' days with lots of family and friends times.... Lots of love, caring, and laughters....back in those days.

Our neighbors and friends were very close in relationship as family to us. What a treasure of memories to hold in our heart... I am so blessed to have such a wonderful life. Hope ya'll enjoyed it as well as I did....I'm proud to be a Vintage girl....ENJOY!

Have a wonderful day....♥

Smiles and Hugs


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