Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday~ My Roses

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday by Susan ~A Southern Daydreamer...Click on the photo below to visit Susan and others partcipants....Have a Wonderful Outdoor Day!Today...I am showing you my beautiful roses....They are blooming like wildfire....

The photos does not show justice...because having trouble with my camera.... Do you see the yellow rose on the left side..I have to tell you that this yellow rose is bigger than my hand... They are huge this year... .

This past Sunday after the terrible storm came through Mississippi...It was still there after the strong wind come through, We can see the roses from our living room window....Ya'll may think we are kidding....but one hour later there would be another buds trying to bloom...I am enjoying my roses this year....I hope they will do great when summer get here....We have HOT Summer in Mississippi. We have been having stormy weather every weekends...I need to get in there to weeds ...It suppose to rain again this weekends.... I am going to try to weed it Friday. I hope we will have just rain...not tornadoe weather. It was a terrible day for the Mississippian in Yazoo City last Saturday.... Please keep them in your prayers... Thank you for stopping by...Don't forget to go visit Susan and other participant

Smiles and Hugs



  1. Your roses are beautiful. You must be very proud, it must take a lot of work to keep them so pretty. Hope everything has settled down with your bad weather. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  2. Hi Katherinellen, I was so pleased to see your comment this morning. I too have slowed down a bit. Posting is easy, visiting is not. Time is always the problem. Please don't worry about when you visit. I have learned we visit when we can. There is life beyond blogging. Just don't stop. I always enjoy your posts and comments.

    I am praying for the people of Yazoo. How sad for them. I'm glad you are ok.

    I love your roses. The close up of the big rose is so pretty. I just bought a sign for the garden that says 'THE WEEDS ARE WINNING' So appropriate huh?

    Enjoy your day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  3. Your roses are beautiful, Kat. Mine are blooming too. I hope they continue to bloom until the get together. Katherine said you aren't coming, Aren't you?

  4. Good morning Katherinellen,
    Your roses are indeed beautiful. How lovely to be able to grow them in your yard and enjoy them. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Your roses are beautiful. The colors just pop on camera don't they. So vivid and amazing.

  6. Your roses are very beautiful! The colors are so vivid.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Your roses are just beautiful. Mine are really blooming good now after that much needed rain!

  8. Katherinellen,
    What beautiful roses! Up north here, we're still experiencing "killer frost" - so we don't have any roses yet. But your photos make me long for that day!

  9. Just want to let you all know I will come visit you all when weather get better...Have a wonderful weekends Katherinellen

  10. Your roses are glorious!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  11. Hi Kat! I am thinking we can meet at the house at 11:30 AM, we can have lunch and then drive around a little and tour an antebellum home. Of course you can leave anytime you want to. I wish you could really come. Remember we were discussing it and decided on June 5th? Natchez is very small so it will not take a lot of time to drive around it..Christine

  12. Your roses look just beautiful! Hopefully the rain is over now for a few days. It was beautiful today but of course I was sleeping as I had to work tonight.

    Thinking of you!
    Have a blessed day!


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