Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feeling under the weather...

Just letting you know that ...I'm been feeling under the weather. Haven't felt like blogging....keep me in your prayers. Been to doctors office/ having tests.... My doctors refer me to see the urologist Oct 20th. Been in pain off and on... Please accept my apology for not visiting...I will visit you all soon....Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments......Hope I will catch up with ya'll. Have a bless week...Katherinellen

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Without God...Our week would be...

Without God our week would be:
Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday, Shatterday. If you are not ashamed of God ....then post this as your status for the day!!! :)........Seven days without God makes one weak....

A friend~ Wendy share this to us on Facebook...Wanted to share it with my Blogger friends.....It's so true! Share it with your friends...Wendy also have a blog...Wendy at The Cozy Yellow House ......Thank you Wendy!
You all have a Bless Day!
Smiles and Hugs~Katherinellen
"Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his face continually."
1 Chronicles 16:11 (KJV)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles~Our Lucheon

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles
Janie at Southern Lagniappe

Charlotte at The Robbins Nest

If you live in Mississippi and would love to join with us....Go visit Lady Katherine on my side bar or the link above....and let her know....

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles met at Corner Bakery Cafe last Friday...Sept. 25, 2009....for our luncheon. It was an exciting day for me and all the Belles. ....Of course we missed those that was unable to come & join us on this

'Special' day.......But we are planning to do this again as soon as Lady Katherine recover from her surgery that is schedule for this month. Please keep Lady Katherine in your prayers...Thank you Lady Katherine for hosted this special day for us. You are so 'SPECIAL' to all of us.

Before I start....I would like to tell you about Debra at It Came To Pass... I met her 3 weeks ago ....She found me and contacted me (e-mail) She told me she was from Laurel. I was so excited when I heard she live within a mile from me. We met at McAllister with Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage...three weeks before we were going to meet with Lady Katherine and the other Belles. It's a small world! And to top it off about being in small world....I ask Debra ....What was her last name? And when I heard her name....I said ...."Do you have a son name Ben? And she said Yes! I said...OH! My Goodness! Ben(her son) and Kandi(my daughter) were in Kindergarten together. And I remember that we all prayed for Ben's Mom. Debra was going through Chemo-treament. It's so amazing.....How we got connected again....Just Amazing! We had a great luncheon and made plan that we were all going to ride together to Flowood, MS. ...on Sept.25th to meet Lady Katherine and all the Mississippi Southern Belles.

When we arrived in Flowood, MS......at Corner Bakery Cafe. This beautiful tablescapes was waiting for us. Lady Katherine and Donna did this beautiful tablescapes. And Lady Katherine and Christine made a 'Cute Lil Happy' for us. It was soooo sweet of them! Lady Katherine made the arrangement with her gourds she harvest...and bought the three Lil Pie pumkins to add to the arrangement....It was so Beautiful! Love the Sunflowers! She did a fantastic job!

L to R....Me,Donna,Chistine, Debra, and Lady Katherine

L to R...Me,Donna,and Christine

Lady Katherine and her husband ~Terry

Donna and Christine

Me & Lady Katherine~ She is so sweet and precious!
She is so lovely as she is inside as well as outside....

If you are seeing one of my finger that look black....

I got my finger smash about 2 month ago and lost my nail....It's taking so long to grow out...I was told it will take 6 months....I forgot to put a band-aid on before I left home......Look terrible on this picture...Oh Well!

Donna,Me,& Christine ~ They were so sweet and precious too!
Donna live about 1 hours from me...and I do visit her town every once in awhile....I'll have to give her a call when I go visit again.... Donna is the one who help Lady Katherine with the beautiful tablescape....Christine live about 2 1/2 or 3 hours from me...My friend is from where she live....Have to go with my friend to visit Christine again....She is the one that made the fudge goodies....It was delicious!

L to R Donna,Christine,Me,Lady Katherine,and Debra

We had a wonderful lunch....We talk, laugh, and enjoy each other company for 3 hours. We didn't even have time to go shopping...Maybe we will next time. We all wish we could had more time to visit....We all had other plans to get back to at home..... It was an exciting day for me....Great memories to hold and cherish! Thank you all for making this day a special day. Thank you...Lady Katherine!

Lady Katherine & Terry
Lady Katherine had door prizes.....At the end of this post I will tell you who was the winners.....

Debra & her husban ~ Wallace

I enjoyed going with Debra & Wallace. They are so sweet and special to me.

Thank you both for letting me go with ya'll....My husband had to work....He was not able to go...And he is also a home body person.....He loves to be at home every chance he gets.

Debra & Me

I have become so close to Debra since we met....

We are going to have lunch again with Rosemarie one day

And maybe we all can meet Carol & Laurie Lee in Hattiesburg one day....Lady Katherine had a Chocolate cake for Carol for her birthday...She was unable to come...she was sick....I have talk to Carol on the phone but never met her in person....she only live 30 minutes from me.....Carol,

I hope you are feeling better! We missed you and all the Belles that was unable to come.....

Okay....about the door prize...Debra won the Tea Time gifts....

She was sooo excited about it! Lady Katherine wrap it so pretty and elegant....

And Christine won the candle holder gifts...It's so beautiful!
She was sooo excited too!

Thank you Lady Katherine for making this so extra special!

L to R....John(Christine husband), Me & Donna

Debra & her husban~ Wallace

Wallace is a minister... He was enjoying every minutes of this day...All the husbands was enjoying it with us... There were 3 husbands that came....They had a great time!

Christine & her husband~ John

John is sweet and quite....

He is a doctor....

He enjoyed this luncheon as much as we did..

Christine has a beautiful blog...go visit her and leave her a message....She is so sweet!..
Here we are leaving.....Debra, me & Lady Katherine

It's was a wonderful day that day!

When I got home....I look at the 'cute lil happy' that Lady Katherine and Christine made....

Look at the one with my name on it....Lil pumkin....

Lady Katherine made the tags specially by her on hands...How precious is that! She had the different kinds of Tea inside for us..

Mine had Vanilla Cream, Rose of Venice, and Raspberries Honey....Mmmm! Smell delicious!

Will tell about the tea on a next post when I try it....

And the gift on the right was from Christine

If you notice ...she put our

Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles

logo & tied it to the gift...

The gift was filled with variety of fudge

It's was delicious...Mmmm!

Didn't last long...around me...

My favorite was the fudge pecan....and peanut butter chocolate fudge

But I did share it with my friends at home.

Thank you for stopping by...

Go visit each of our Belles
Mississippi Magnolia Southern Belles
Janie at Southern Lagniappe
Smiles & Hugs

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