Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Pink Saturday"

Welcome to "Pink Saturday". Sweet Bevery at How Sweet The Sound hosted this event... Take a peek at all the Pinkies...Click on the button below to visit Beverly and other pinkies...
I am sharing about my little sweet gift I got from my daughter Kandi. She made this cute little pot for me for Mother Day!
I love polka-dots......She did it in Pink & Blue. I put it in my computer room...She made this little pot... design & painted it...and sign her name with Love ... I Love it! It's mean alots to me because it was design by her sweet hands....It's very Special...and will be pass down to her child one day....She also made me a platter for my birthday...It has grapes on it...My kitchen is decorated with "Fruit of Love"... I will show it on another posts...This is the name of the place that you go to make pottery & design your own..."Doodle Bugz" in Laurel, MS. You also can find them on Facebook...Right now ...They have potterys for sale...Check it out! Just go to facebook and type name in and search...I don't know if they have web-sites...I will check it out and post it another day....Will show my platter then...This is a little sweet card she gave me...It has some pretty pink on it...She also had a Calla Lily (lirio De Calla) in the adorable pot. It was so pretty & purple. Well...forgot to take the picture when it was ALIVE! I think I drown it to death...I try to bring it back...The tag said the bloom time is Spring to Summer. Does that mean only in Spring season or both? Kandi came in the other day...and said Mama...Did you kill the Calla Lily? I said...Well I think I gave it too much water. She laugh so hard...and was saying Mama.... Did you read the instruction...And I said...Well ...No! I thought they love water...LOL We laught about it...I felt so bad that I killed it.....I been trying to bring it back alive...but No Luck!. Need help from the garden experts...don't know nothing about Calla Lily...I know alots about Roses and Daylillies...Any comments for advice will help...So I'm going to show you my Pink Roses I can grow....LOL
I have other color roses...but my roses are not doing that great like last year....because we are having some HOT days here in Mississippi...98-101 degrees ...Heat Index 104-107 for about 2 weeks...Many of Southern States are suffering too... We haven't had any rain here since June 4th...Need you all to do the "Rain Dance" for us...LOL. Pray for us to have RAIN soon.....Thank you for stopping by...and don't forget to visit Beverly at How Sweet The Sound
Have a Beautiful Pink Day!
Smiles & Hugs

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Ole Fresh Tomatoes

I love when summer come around....get good ole fresh tomatoes....The homegrown tomatoes are better than the store. Mmmm! They are delicious! Love tomatoe sandwich with lots of mayonaise....sometime with turkey bacon. Yesterday I had my good ole fresh tomatoe sandwich...Mmmm! Delicious! But today at lunch....I wanted some more. Uhh! Ohh! Out of to go to the store this afternoon to have my good ole fresh tomatoe sandwich tonight. That all we have been craving for is something cold or sandwiches....It's been soooo HOT here in Mississippi...In fact all Southern States are with temp in the 100. Heat index in 104-110. We haven't had rain since June 4th....we need RAIN so bad. .Tell me how you like your fresh tomatoes with. Ya'll have a wonderful weekends.....We are looking forward our COOL the low 90s Whoo Hoo!
Smiles and Hugs

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday...Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted this wonderful event. Come join us to participate....Great Outdoor Fun! Click on the logo to visit and learn about the Outdoor Wednesday. Thank you Susan for all the hard work...Dont forget to take a walk to visit Susan and other participants..

Okay....I going to tell ya'll...It's HOT!

This photo was taken yesterday (Tuesday)....When I was sitting in the car with the air conditioner on...when my friend was in the grocery get two items. I was looking out ...And there that "Hot Air Balloon" on top of the service station. I was thinking...Yeah...It's HOT alright...ha ha ha Well...we have been HOT in Mississippi. It's been in the 99 to 100 degrees...105-107 heat index.....No RAIN in sight! Ohhh! we need RAIN so bad! Need a RELIEF! All of us in the South State need prayers...It's too hot for us Southern Belle!

Remember this....Use to do this at my childhood FUN! Brought bacl memories....this boy was out in this HEAT....He was just closing was about 1:00. Look at his Lil sweet and cute. Can you see the house behind him...He live at this house that I always loves....(Historic Home Area in Laurel) They are some beautiful homes there...I will post it one day on Outdoor Wednesday. On my way home....we pass this bank....Look it's 100 2:00...Now do you believe me....It's HOT!

Monday...we went to Hattiesburg... Went to Dr. appt., lunch & bowling with friends and then went shopping. It was 101 in Hattiesburg that day....We stop for a "Happy Hour" at SONIC. ha ha ha That the closest that I will be at a Happy Hour...I don't drink...never been interesting. But that Cherry-limeaide drink was delicious! Our hair doesn't look the greatest in this HEAT! Sweatin! :O

This is Dee...drinking her Cherry-limeaide Slush...Mmmm!

Got home in Laurel....stop by at Aunt Margaret house to get fresh tomatoes....Mmmm! And look at her pretty CUTE!

I love this bench...I want to take this home with me....

Look at her little wagon...with her ferns and plants....Soooo CUTE!

Now....I have few flowers in my garden...They are trying to survive in this HEAT! Some more lillies....

My roses are not doing so well this year...I guess it's just too hot...watering them everyday since no RAIN in sight...More lillies

Hoping my Crepes Murtles will blooms soon with pink I can show it next Outdoor Wednesday...until then....Have a great week and weekends....

Hope ya'll have a Great Outdoor Day!

'Smiles & Hugs


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor WednesdaySusan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted

"Outdoor Wednesday"

Join with Susan and other participants to visit the Outdoor. Take a walk over to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to tour the Outdoor.

My Outdoor Wednesday is my flowers in my garden...Lillies & Roses

I had went outside to check on my flowers when sundown came...I found these lillies and Roses

My other Roses are not doing well...I think it the Heat that we are having...It was 95 & Hot! It was the Hottest Day of 2009 in our area.

Today is suppose to be 96...Guess what I'm going to do today...

Staying in & being Cool...

Minitures Roses

Don't know the name of my lillies...If you know it. Please let me know. I would appreciated it so much. Thank you for stopping by...Don't forget to visit Susan and other participants

Smiles and Hugs


Tubing Experience at Bogue Chitto River

Most of you know I went to tubing on the river at Bogue Chitto at McComb, MS. I got blister bad....We use sunscreen and still got blister. My worst part of my body is my poor feet. It looks bad...I have a photo of my feet at the end of this post. I have a hard time to wear shoes... So ya'll please pray for me and my friends. We got blister on our face,back,arms, feet,& legs. Dee worst part was her feet and Jennifer worse part was her back. But we had a great time....Will go back again but not very soon.. To my happy heart friends who visit me on "Pink Saturday" I had told you I would visit ya'll when I got back. I want to apologize to ya'll for not visiting ya'll yet....I am going to visit ya'll....I'm just trying to keep my feet up...because when I am on it or letting it hang down..... It's swell and hurt...Today it has water blisters on it.....Ohhh...does it hurt. Each day it gets better...Here are some photos of our tubing. ...It was 92 degrees that day.....Hot! But the water kept us cool.....Hope ya'll will enjoy the ride....Here we go.....

I'm resting my feet....and pray for me and my friends........Have a blessful day....Smiles andHugs

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