Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Project Friday" & "Hopeful Friday" & "Faithful Friday"

Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage hosted "Project Friday". Walk on over to see what Rosemarie and other partcipants has been making this week. CLICK HERE I have been so happy that I have accomplish my project since I joined the "Project Friday". Come join us and get your project done....Thanks for visiting us.
My project is decorating the invitation to make it "Special".. You take the invitation that you recieve...that is special like wedding, anniversary, birth annoucement, and retirement. Something to have to hold the memories. Materials: shadow box frame, rosette flowers, dried flower, pearl strand, ribbons, tapes, glue sticks, & glue gun.I am doing this 50th Anniversary Invitation that my friend just given it to me this week. Usually I would have it done so they can put it on their register table. But she forgot to give me the original copy. So it late for register table but she can use it for her home and enjoy it. And everytime they looks will bring memories...of their "Special Day" I purchase the shadow box at Wal-Mart. You can find them at Hobby Lobby too!So I take the mat frame out ....Place the invitation on the back of it....Get it straight and evern. This was was hard...because the invitation was longer than the frame. So I got even as best I could...Tape it on back so it will stay.....Then you take the rosette and hot glue. And you glue on back of the rosette to put it on the invitation. Before you start.... make plan where you going to put the flowers & ribbon.... Because once you glue cannot take it off.... because it will tear the invitaion. Sometime you can take it off but you have to be careful not to tear the paper or the invitation...Then I put the ribbon on it. I twist the ribbon to give it some fancy or elegant looks. Glue the ribbon on the invitation and made the little bows. You can do just anything you want....Just be creative....Always make plan what you going to do before you start glueing. Ta- Da! Now I'm finish....Put the mat frame back in the picture frame. Be real careful putting it back. Put in slowly so you won't mess up the decoration...It took me about 2 hrs to do this.... with my low-vision. Like would probably take you about a hour. I hope ya'll enjoy the project. Have a Wonderful Project Day!

Sweet Joy at Doodlebug hosted "Faithful Friday" I am so thankful for Joy. She is an amazing young lady who loves the Lord. She loves her family and friends. So go on over to visit her and you will be bless. Thank you my sweet Joy for presenting "Faithful Friday". I have enjoyed being in part of your event. To visit her event... Click on the "Faithful Friday" icon to visit the event and let Joy know you stop by...

(photo by Crossdaily.com_

I am thankful for my Lord....Praise Him all the time. He has answers our prayers. I just go off the phone with my daughter (Kandi). She said, the doctor has given her good news. Her wound is healing....Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that we have a friend like Jesus that we can talk and listen to. He is the One we need in our life... I don't know what I would do without him. He is my strength, hope and love. "I can do all thing through Jesus Christ who strengthen me." Phillippians 4:13
You all have a Fantastic Faithful Friday!

Cielo at The House in the Roses hosted "Hopeful friday". Go on over to see what "Hopeful Friday" is all about.
Today she don't have her "Hopeful Friday" up....Click on the "Hopeful friday" icon to let her know you stop by and visit....(Photo by Crossdaily.Com)
.You all have a Hopeful Day!
Hugs and Smiles

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Project Friday" & "Hopeful Friday" & "Faithful Friday"

Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage hosted "Project Friday" CLICK HERE to visit the "Project Friday". This event is to show our project. It can be redecorate a room, make crafts, make flowers bed, or anything that involve of finishing the project. Visit on over to Rose and her participants who share their project. You might learn something new or get ideas....Have FUN!

My project was suppose to be my computer room....but didn't get to start on it. It involve alots of I didn't have that much time....this week. So I just redecorate my tv cabinet. It needed a height of something to fill the corner. I went to the Bargain Barn in Ellisville on Tuesday and found this white pitcher. When I got home I started my project....So I had these flowers in my supplies room...So I got to work and here what it looks........

BEFOREAFTERThis is the pitcher I bought for 12.00 dollars...And then I had this Uppercase Living transfer I put the letter "HOPE" on the candle. You rub the word that it will stay on the thin sided part.paper...then peel the thick part paper apart off carefully....from the thin parted...It's confusing to explain it...when it's hard to see it on picture. Meanwhile the word going to be backward before I put it on the candle....then when I place it on the candle. Make sure it even and straight...then rub it on the candle to stick. Then take the paper off carefully and make sure the letters are sticking on the candle....sometime you have to go back and rub more harder to stick...and it done. It looks like it easy...but you have to take your time doing these letters or it will wrinkle and not be smooth....It take a lot of patience with these words project. Once you done so many words project...then it get EASY! I did the word " Simplify" on the plate...... I was please with my's gave it height for the fill in it don't looks bare.....What do you think of it? I still have more decorating to do in my living room and my whole house. We painted last Fall....I know......What took me so long...Well....I kept saying I'm going to finish it...But things came first...and I put the project off. So when Rose told me what she was going to do every Friday...I thought Hummmm! What a great ideas....This will motivate me to finish all my project...Thanks Rose!

Cielo at "The House in the Roses" hosted "Hopeful Friday". This event is about us sharing our "Hope". Today Cielo dont have her "Hopeful Friday" post up....usually Cielo would have her "Hopeful Friday" and other participants have their Encouragement of Hope on "Hopeful Friday' event. Cielo must have something come up...Let keep her in prayers if there is something happen. Prayers are needed always....Right! CLICK HERE . to visit Cielo blog.

Let keep our eyes on Jesus.....Trust him and Praise Him! Jesus is our Hope! Be strong in your Faith!

Joy at Doodlebug hosted "Faithful Friday" CLICK HERE to visit "Faithful Friday". This event is to share what the Lord has done or doing in your life. Go on over to visit Joy and other partcipants who is sharing their Faith of what the Lord is doing or done for them. I want to give my THANKS to my Lord for sending friends like you who love the Lord with all their mind, soul and Heart.....Thank you all for supporting Kandi and our family in your prayers.....When we are in troubles or trails come up.....We tend to try to fix ourselves...But I had to give all to the Lord and not worry. God is always in Control. I know if I ask for your prayers..It's done .I know you are praying....Thanks you all ....You all are special to me... Update on Kandi....she is doing better. She goes back for her check-up today. The doctor did a needle procedure Monday. And she had to go back Wednesday...and the doctor had to do a little surgery on it to remove the infection and cyst. Everything seem to be fine. Keep her in your prayers ... Thanks you all again for your prayers.

Don't forget to visit all the events...You will enjoy! Have a Great Day! Katherinellen

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted "Outdoor Wednesday". Take a walk through Outdoor Wednesday....Spring is here.....You will have a Fun-tastic day visiting with Susan and other partcipants Click HERE

My "Outdoor Wednesday" at the Hickory Grove Cementary. This is where my grandparents, in-law, relatives, and friends. are buried here. I wanted to share with you how beautiful the place is. My favorite place is where the located in the middle of the cemetary. We have taken our daughter, nephews, and neices to feed the ducks and goose when they were small. Great's so peaceful here. You will hear birds and ducks singing music in your ears. I love to come here to visits and enjoy the veiw. I took the pictures Sunday after having rain for 4 days....and some picture was made yesterday. It was a beautiful day in 80s ........It's in the 80s today. We are having another Beautiful Sunshine Day.....Spring is here...and it's heading your way soon!

Thank you for visitng me...Hope you had a great tour with me....Have a great "Outdoor Wednesday"....Katherinellen


She has some procedure done Monday....and the doctor said if she still having problem and not better ... Wed.(today) for her to call them.....Need you all to keep her in your prayers. Thanks for your Prayers and Thoughts.

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