Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Daddy!

Daddy(75 years old) & Mama (70 years old)
I am so blessed to have my Daddy and Mama ...They have given me so much love and support through my life...Thanks you Daddy and Mama! I love you both soooo much....Happy Birthday Daddy! Have a Blessful Birthday! And many more to come....The two songs ...."Daddy Hands" & "Amazing Grace" is playing in honor of ....My Earthly Daddy & Heavenly Daddy above...They have shown me so much love in my life...Thank you Lord for given me a blessful life...
Thank you for stopping by...Have a wonderful day!
Smiles and Hugs


  1. Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL FATHER! God is good!

    Love to you all~Rebecca

  2. Oh KatherineEllen:
    Thank you sweetie for sharing today. Happy Birthday to your Daddy. Mine just turned 78 on his birthday August 28th. I don't know where the time has gone. He is 40 forever in my mind. I was a BlueBird and CampFire Girl growing up and I loved our special Dad and Daughter Box Dinner. It was my special time with Daddy that I did not have to share with anyone else. He was all mine. All of my little friends loved to sit by us most, as I had the most handsome Daddy. I still do. So do you sweetie. Isn't he just as handsome has he can be? Love the picture of your Moma and Daddy together. Beautiful. They both have beautiful blue eyes, and wonderful smiles. Thanks for sharing sweet pea. Stop by soon. I always love to see you visit. Country Hugs, Sherry

  3. Katherinellen, your pics are wonderful. The warmth radiates beautifully from you both. May your Father be blessed with many more ...

    Pop over to meet my friend & new blogger ~

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. What a beautiful couple your Mom and Dad are! Please tell him I said Happy Birthday and wish him many more to come. Blessings, Debra

  5. Hi, Katherinellen,
    What a wonderful tribute to your sweet daddy! I can tell by looking at him and your mom that they are kind and loving people. I know that, too, because they raised you! Have a blessed day. Vicki

  6. Happy belated birthday to your father.

  7. Happy faces always make me smile. I know, it's contagious and I love it! :-)

    You sure are a very sweet, sweet daughter and I am sure they are as thankful and proud to have you too.


  8. Hello Katherinellen, Happy birthday to your sweet dad. You are lucky to have your parents. I miss mine so much. You dad's smile is showing what a happy guy he is. His blessing is having you for a daughter. You look so pretty in the photo with your dad. A photo to treasure for all time.


  9. Hey Katherinellen, I just realized that is your mom in that photo. You look a lot like her. She looks young and is so pretty. Lucky you.

    Hugs...Jeanne, again (silly me)PS, I will be gone for a week so you will know why I can't visit. I won't have my computer with me. I'll catch up when I return.


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