Friday, August 14, 2009

A WonDerFuL LiFe ToGeTHeR

I LOVE YOU!August 14, 1982
June 2009
We have been married for 27 years...Jerry is a wonderful christian husband and a father. We met in March on a blind date on a double date with his brother...... Went out for dinner...then to a movie...then bowling. Had a wonderful time together...... That night....He told me that he didn't think that there were anymore christian girl left...until he met me. .. I told him that I have been looking for a wonderful christian man to marry for the rest of my life.....We got one month....(smiling) I know what you are wondering.....Did I know for sure if he was the one. Yes....I did! We share many up and down for 27 years.....We promise each other to cherish and to love one another through richer or poorer & sickness and health until death do us aparts....We made the vow of promise to our Lord! We had a double wedding with my little sister and brother-in-law.... My sister also met her christian husband on March....and got engazed in one months too! (smiling) We set our wedding date separate at first....then I ask my sister....Why don't we have a double wedding? She got so excited.....and said ....Are you serious! I said ...Yes! So we had our wedding together......Precious memories to hold and share....with my lil sister. She and her husband are also celebrating their Anniversary today too! My sister and I have been so blessed to have a wonderful christian husband and a father who love us so much. And we love them too! Tonight I have a date with my hubby.....And going to be blessed for many years to come to continue our love together and to grow more spiritual relationship together......until death do us apart....May Our Lord bless us....and continue to be with us through up and down.........Happy Anniversary Jerry! I Love You!
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  1. Happy anniversary!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. This is just precious my friend. Truly wonderful how God blesses the hearts of those who honor Him.

    In September I will be married to my beloved 31 years. Last year we renewed our was a wonderful time of celebration given to us by our children. God is SOOOO GOOD!

    You look GREAT!


  3. This is a beautiful post!! I'm so sorry I did not see this sooner! Happy Anniversary to you both!! God bless you, and best wishes to you!!

  4. Oh Katherinellen, congratulations on 27 years of marriage. I am so sorry I didn't come by on your special day. I love your beautiful story of how you met your hubby. Also the special occasion of your double wedding with your sister. Congratulations to her too. A lovely christian love story for sure.

    Hugs xoxo...Jeanne


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