Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SuMMeRFuN Is ALmOst OvEr

Hello my friends....I have been so busy this summer... It's almost over...soon Autumn will be here. My favorite summertime eating watermelon and tomatoes sandwich with family and friends....Mmm!
Soon ...there will be no fresh tomatoes out of the garden..and Smith County Watermelon from Mississippi....Going to miss it.... until next Summer. If you ever come and visit South Mississippi...You will have to go to Magee, Ms to get those delicious Smith County watermelons....I hope you all are having a great summer....Will catch up my blogging and visit you all soon....Thank you all for stopping by..and your sweet comments..Have a bless week...Love ya'll ....Smiles and Hugs...Katherinellen


  1. Oh Yum!
    I can tell by the photos that you enjoyed
    "fresh" tomatoes - nothing better than that!

  2. Yummy! I love your plates, too.

  3. I like watermelon. I don't think I've seen yellow ones.

    Coninue to enjoy your fave season! :-)


    (what are those? - the ones with handles. They look like mugs but then the top is dome-shaped. I ike them :-) )

  4. Yummy! The yellow watermelons look so mouth watering!!...Christine

  5. Hi Katherine! Yes, I am from the south, Natchez, MS to be more specific. I am not familiar with Laure. Where is it exactly? I wish you could come, it will be a blast! I have been waiting for our get together with Katherine. I am definitely interested and looking forward to it...Christine

  6. Hi Katherinellen! Just stopped by to say HI!
    I hear ya on the BUSY. Our garden is over except for Okra and peppers that WON'T quit! HA! Hope to see you at the blog get together!

  7. Hello Kathrinellen, I agree the summer is quickly passing us by. I sure would love to eat some of that watermellon. I too love tomato sandwiches. I eat one for lunch almost everyday. We were gone all summer and didn't grow tomatoes but my sister did and she shares. Lucky me.

    Wishing a wonderful day.



Thank you for taking the time of visiting with a happy heart. I will be happy to hear from you and I will visit you soon. You all have a blessful day! Katherinellen

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