Monday, July 6, 2009


It'S LiKe SpRiNg HeRe In MiSSiSSiPPi AfTeR HaViNg HoT TeMp Up To 100. HeAt InDeX 105.....It'S 82 NoW.....WoW! We GoT RaInDrOpS On OuR HeAd ToDaY...:D ThIs Is ThE fiRSt TiMe It'S RaIn SiNcE JuNe 4th... God Is So GoOd! MaYBe My FlOWeRs WiLL SuRvIve...I DiDn'T HaVe AnY To ShArE On OuTdOOr WeDnEsDay...MaYbE I WiLL ThIs WeeK...LooK At My FlOwEr Bed oN ToP oF PHoTos ...It'S LooK PiTiFuL...EvEryDaY I WaTeR My FlOwERs,GrAss, & PlAnTS BuT ThE HeaT WaS Too MuCh fOr ThEm...PrAy ThAt We CoNtInUe To HaVe ThIs WoNdErFuL WeaTHer We HaD ToDaY....82 deGreeS...BeTTer ThAn 100.......RaiN Is WeLCoMe HeRe In MiSSiSSiPPi......:D ThIs Is My PaReNts.....We CeLeBrAtEd ThEiR 51st WeDDiNg AnnIvErSaRy On FrIDaY, JuLy 3rd....ThEy Are A BLeSSiNg To OuR FaMiLy...We LoVe YoU ...MaMa & DaDDy.
I ThAnK My LoRD fOr My WoNdErFuL & ChRiStiAn PaReNts...
ThANk FoR StoPPiNg By...HuGs & SmIlES


  1. Bless your parents for another 50 anniversaries. Darling couple, cute pic. Yes, you are getting the heat, we are having spring like weather still, which is very unusual for us up here (MD) .. it is wonderful. No humidity, yah! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Kat, that is wonderful about your parents' anniversary. Please tell them I hope they have a happy one!

    Glad it's cooler there. It's a wee bit cooler here, too, which is a HUGE relief. We have such direct sun that coupled with the heat, it was brutal for the last few weeks. Glad that's over, and I would love it to stay nice.


    Sheila :-)

  3. Happy anniversary to your parents! And I wish you needed rain on your side of the globe as it is always raining here on my place. Real hard too :-)

  4. Hello,

    I always thought that Mississipi must be such a wonderful place...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. It's been a little cooler here too, Katherinellen!

    Wow! 51 years....that's great! My mom and dad will have their 50th in August! Christian parents are such a blessing! Your parents look so young! :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Hello Kathernellen, 'Congratulations' to your parents on 51 years of marriage. How wonderful to have your parents, mine are gone and I miss them so very much. How handsome and beautiful they are. I know you love them more than words could say.

    We are home from our camping trip and now we are in the middle of grand kid's week. Fun galore. I love them all so much. I thank the Lord for my blessings every day.

    Have a wonderful day.



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