Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday...Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted this wonderful event. Come join us to participate....Great Outdoor Fun! Click on the logo to visit and learn about the Outdoor Wednesday. Thank you Susan for all the hard work...Dont forget to take a walk to visit Susan and other participants..

Okay....I going to tell ya'll...It's HOT!

This photo was taken yesterday (Tuesday)....When I was sitting in the car with the air conditioner on...when my friend was in the grocery get two items. I was looking out ...And there that "Hot Air Balloon" on top of the service station. I was thinking...Yeah...It's HOT alright...ha ha ha Well...we have been HOT in Mississippi. It's been in the 99 to 100 degrees...105-107 heat index.....No RAIN in sight! Ohhh! we need RAIN so bad! Need a RELIEF! All of us in the South State need prayers...It's too hot for us Southern Belle!

Remember this....Use to do this at my childhood FUN! Brought bacl memories....this boy was out in this HEAT....He was just closing was about 1:00. Look at his Lil sweet and cute. Can you see the house behind him...He live at this house that I always loves....(Historic Home Area in Laurel) They are some beautiful homes there...I will post it one day on Outdoor Wednesday. On my way home....we pass this bank....Look it's 100 2:00...Now do you believe me....It's HOT!

Monday...we went to Hattiesburg... Went to Dr. appt., lunch & bowling with friends and then went shopping. It was 101 in Hattiesburg that day....We stop for a "Happy Hour" at SONIC. ha ha ha That the closest that I will be at a Happy Hour...I don't drink...never been interesting. But that Cherry-limeaide drink was delicious! Our hair doesn't look the greatest in this HEAT! Sweatin! :O

This is Dee...drinking her Cherry-limeaide Slush...Mmmm!

Got home in Laurel....stop by at Aunt Margaret house to get fresh tomatoes....Mmmm! And look at her pretty CUTE!

I love this bench...I want to take this home with me....

Look at her little wagon...with her ferns and plants....Soooo CUTE!

Now....I have few flowers in my garden...They are trying to survive in this HEAT! Some more lillies....

My roses are not doing so well this year...I guess it's just too hot...watering them everyday since no RAIN in sight...More lillies

Hoping my Crepes Murtles will blooms soon with pink I can show it next Outdoor Wednesday...until then....Have a great week and weekends....

Hope ya'll have a Great Outdoor Day!

'Smiles & Hugs



  1. Its SO hot here too. I need to mow but I don't wanna do it!

    The lemonade stand brought back a lot of fun fun.

    I hope you have a wonderful day today! Back to Sonic?


  2. Anything 100 and over is way to hot for me lol, love those houses and lemonade sounds good on a very hot day, happy outdoor Wednesday, Kathy.

    It is very hot here in daddy said that we are having august weather in june and all the gardens are going to die, especially on the ones that depend on rain
    I just have to stop at every lemonade stand as the children are our future and they are learning business and I taught my kids tithing even though they didn't think that was legal...they thought I was trying to pull the wool over their
    love your posts

  4. I won't tell you what the temperature is here in Eugene, Oregon. I will tell you I need a comforter to keep me warm last night. Come visit us. I loved your pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. It is almost as hot here in Illinois, believe it or sad about your flowers. Keep drinking those giant drinks.

  6. It's hot, hot, hot here also. I'll give that boy two bucks for a glass of that lemonade, right now!

  7. Hello Katherinellen, thank you for your very sweet comment today and while we were on our long vacation. Your safe travel wishes worked. We didn't have a single hitch in six weeks of traveling. We are so blessed.

    I enjoyed your post and all of your photos as well. Your Aunt's yard is so inviting and I too love her bench. I think it is too hot to sit outside right now though. Your lilies are very pretty. Mine are in full bloom too. They seem to like hot weather. Some of mine are just like yours. the lemonade looked good and so did the cherry lime drinks too. I hope you get rain soon.

    Stay cool.


  8. Kat, we're roasting in Florida, too. With the heat index this weekend, there were some spots that were around 110+. Yep, it's hot, and we're dealing with downed trees from a freak storm. We all think there was a tornado, but the weather reports say nope. They are dead wrong. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  9. great post, thanks for sharing, try to stay cool

  10. Wow, that is hot! Lemonade stands are always such a happy sight.

  11. You poor thing! I do NOT envy you your hot weather. We rarely get that hot here in the northwest. When we do it's miserable. I love Aunt Margaret's porch!


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