Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor WednesdaySusan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted

"Outdoor Wednesday"

Join with Susan and other participants to visit the Outdoor. Take a walk over to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to tour the Outdoor.

My Outdoor Wednesday is my flowers in my garden...Lillies & Roses

I had went outside to check on my flowers when sundown came...I found these lillies and Roses

My other Roses are not doing well...I think it the Heat that we are having...It was 95 & Hot! It was the Hottest Day of 2009 in our area.

Today is suppose to be 96...Guess what I'm going to do today...

Staying in & being Cool...

Minitures Roses

Don't know the name of my lillies...If you know it. Please let me know. I would appreciated it so much. Thank you for stopping by...Don't forget to visit Susan and other participants

Smiles and Hugs



  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Katherinellen! You and me both...it was 92 today... and I don't car for the heat and humidity! Your lilies are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  2. When I want to know what to expect in upcoming weather I just have to find someone from the midwest and read their blog. We are just a couple of days behind. It has been so rainy here in the Northeast!

    Love your lilies.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  3. Lovely flowers ... they come in such a wide variety of colors & add such delight to a garden. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Your flowers are perfectly captured by your camera. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Beautiful sweet friend. I can only seem to grow ivy...:( :( :( But...I'm trying to do more! LOL


  6. Hi Katherinellen, your pictures are lovely....so soft and beautiful. Good to see you back.


  7. thanks for sharing these pretty flowers and happy OW. Have a great day too

  8. Your lilies are beautiful and love roses. I also see those miniature roses and love them :-)

  9. Your flowers are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us and thanks for stopping by for a visit. Have a wonderful day.


  10. I know that this is not a pink saturday post, but you left me the sweetest post on my blog, I wanted to come in for a visit. Your lilies are gorgeous. I don't grow them here, so this is delight for the eyes. Your minis are beautiful as well, Char

  11. Lovely flowers AGAIN! You do lovely closeups.

    Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving a comment!


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