Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday "A Black Creek Experience"

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday....Susan at Southern Daydreamer hosted "Outdoor Wednesday" Click on the logo above and visit Susan and other partcipants. You will enjoy the Outdoors....

My Outdoor is about the canoe trip last Saturday.. I went to Black Creek in Brooklyn, MS. At first...when we started down the river....I was saying to myself..."What am I doing here?....Am I crazy!" Look at me....look scared! And my friend Dee, is just as happy as she can be. This was my first time canoeing...and I'm 50 years old. I was nervous at first...but I got okay later until at the end we hit a log. Here we go....rocking side by side....Guess what.....we made it....YEAH! We saw a lots of turtles...all sizes.....As we scrolling down...it was so peaceful....hearing birds singing...It was a Beautiful Day! We had fun! It was ONE BIG EXPERIENCE I will never forget.

This is the place where you go and sign up.... You also rent the canoe and supplies you need. Our driver, Brandon took us to the river....so here we go......And look at our driver with his hat... He's Cute! The ladies I'm with...is my friend, Dee and Donna. My husband was not feeling good...so he didn't go. I hope you will enjoy the trip....Ready!.....Let's go......
Donna & Me
Couple of time we got in the shadow area...Donna had to pull us out.....
This one is my favorite photos. Look at the reflection on the water of the view. Other canoers

People stop and take a break....They were having

weenie roast(hot dog), tanning, relaxing & swimming....
Having a fun family time!
Me & Donna
I had my shirt roll up......It was hot and I was getting a tan.... (I did) smiling....needing it.....Me & Dee
Look at her she is making a face. I'm just as serious & smiling at the camera..

Donna finding clam.....pretty rocks...
Mushrooms on the log

Beautiful flowers on the way...here and there ....I think this is called a Mocca....I not sure...Let me know if you know...

Look at my friend Dee. She just relaxing. If you notice she always smiling and laughing. She always like that. She is full of Joy. We had a visit that came on Donna hand while we was scrolling down the river....I think it some kind of dragonfly...it you notice it has a blue tail. If anyone know what this is...let us know. After it land on Donna...it came over to my hand. It was drinking the water off our hands.....
Thank you for stopping by... I hope you enjoyed it....Have a great Outdoor Wednesday!
Smiles & Hugs


  1. Thank you for sharing all of your pictures...they are great. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I really enjoy canoeing...very relaxing...at least for half of the journey! ha.


  2. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful trip. Thank you so much for sharing.... I know 100% that I would have been frightened to do this...

    Water and Rebecca...well, not so good!


  3. That trip looks wonderful,lucky you, thanks for taking me along.

  4. Hi Kathernellen, I LOVED your canoe trip. So much fun and a wonderful way to look at nature. I'm glad you didn't tip over. LOL.

    We are still traveling out West. We won't be home until June 21st or 22nd. We are loving it!!!


  5. Katherinellen,

    Your trip looks like lots of fun! I've only been canoeing twice. It was fun one of those times and the other time, the water was too low and we ended up dragging our canoe WAY TOO MUCH! :) You did look a little scared at first, but you looked like you were having a good time on all the rest of the pictures! Glad you had a memorable time!

    Have a great Weds!

  6. Wow what an adventure you had! Well done :0)
    I love the water shot with the reflections of the trees! Beautiful...

  7. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Katherinellen! Bravo to you for trying something you haven't done before my friend! I haven't been canoeing in ages... and I would love to go! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  8. What a beautiful spot. Your photos captured it well. Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful day.

  9. Thanks for the "ride" I had a wonderful time!

  10. oh goodness I saw the first two pics and had no idea we were going on an excursion...I loved it!

  11. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing them and your trip with us. Looks like fun!

  12. Hello,

    Love canoening!

    ~ Gabriela ~


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