Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Ole Fresh Tomatoes

I love when summer come around....get good ole fresh tomatoes....The homegrown tomatoes are better than the store. Mmmm! They are delicious! Love tomatoe sandwich with lots of mayonaise....sometime with turkey bacon. Yesterday I had my good ole fresh tomatoe sandwich...Mmmm! Delicious! But today at lunch....I wanted some more. Uhh! Ohh! Out of to go to the store this afternoon to have my good ole fresh tomatoe sandwich tonight. That all we have been craving for is something cold or sandwiches....It's been soooo HOT here in Mississippi...In fact all Southern States are with temp in the 100. Heat index in 104-110. We haven't had rain since June 4th....we need RAIN so bad. .Tell me how you like your fresh tomatoes with. Ya'll have a wonderful weekends.....We are looking forward our COOL the low 90s Whoo Hoo!
Smiles and Hugs


  1. Hey Katherine.. That's a yummolicious looking sammich there. I LOVE me some mater sammiches. A friend of mine has been supplying me with fresh ones from her garden til mine come in.. I've been stuffing myself sick with em. Thank you for stopping by earlier and deciding to be a follower.. and for the wonderful comment. I look forward to sharing with you in this wonderful bloggerland of fellowship.

  2. Tomato sandwiches are the Best! I too did a post on them too and how to make Chow Chow.

  3. Whenever I see tomatoes I think "I'm gonna eat one!" Then I put it in my mouth and I remember WHY I don't eat them.

    Now...this is weird...

    I love Salsa, Ketchup, Pasta Sauces, etc. just can't handle them when they stand all alone. What is wrong with me, CAT? Tell me! Tell me true!

    They look soooo delish on that plate. Will have to try again this summer. I'm determined to EAT JUST ONE SLICE!

    :) :) :)


  4. I love tomato sandwiches, and I love the little tiny ones on a round party sandwich served open face. They are so good!


    Sheila :-)

  5. I love bacon & tomato sandwiches, pasta sauce, salsa ... BUT I will only use ketchup on meatloaf & dipping french fries.

    Hope you have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Oh, I LOVE fresh tomatoes--and bacon, with LOTS of mayo--sandwiches. I had a taste for them this week!! So...I sent my hubby to get some vine ripe tomatoes (ours aren't ready yet) and some bacon, and we had ourselves a yummy meal!! I also like tomato, onion, and butter on toasted bread sandwiches. MMMMMM! Have a great weekend! Karen

  7. That is one huge tomatoes :-) I guess another thing that makes a tomato much more enjoyable is the thought that you actually planted and cared for these gorgeous things. Sort of like reaping your reward :-)


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