Friday, April 10, 2009

"Project Friday" & "Hopeful Friday" & "Faithful Friday"

It's that time roll around so fast...Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage hosted "Project Friday" It has motivate me to get my project done. Click on the logo (above) to see Rosemarie and others participants who done their project for the week. Thank you Rose for having me to be part of your "Project Friday" event.

Remember my project on the birdhouses....well I finally found a place for them. I decorated my computer room...We painted our house inside and out last Fall. I kept putting off the decorating. There were really no excuse why I didn't...I just couldn't get motivated. So when Rose started this "Project Friday" and she ask me would I participate. She said it will get you motivate to get your To-Do lists. Well she was right...I have been busy as a bee...LOL....Thanks Rose!



I'm going to share about my Uppercase Living transfer words that I have and love to decorate it with many things...See on the wall "Friends"

You take the word tranfer and turn it over to rub it with the credit card or your fingers...I use my hand and finger...seem to work for me better...You want it to stick to the thin part paper... It suppose to look backward and when you put it on the wall it will be right. I gently put it on the wall....carefully. Usually you would mark your place on the wall before peeling the transfer. and you would line it with that arrow. I just put it on the wall....I skip that part...LOL. I don't press it on the wall completely until I get it even....and if it not even...I gently pull it off and straighten it. Now I think I got it straight...Mmm...
Then I rub it on the wall until I think it all stick..... then I gently peel it off as I go....I fold the thick part paper and fold it down...then I use my whole hand press down ....and move to the right as much easier...TA-DA!

I am going to have a giveaway on my 200 posts....I am going to giveaway the Uppercase Living... :D Will post the annoucement on Project Friday. I fyou haven't join us in Project Friday...Hop on over to check it out ...Don't forget to visit Rose and all the participants...Join Us! :D

Cielo at The House in the Roses hosted "Hopeful Friday" Click on the logo to visit Cielo and other participants who share their "Hope" FAITH ~ HOPE ~ LOVE

Joy at Doodlebug hosted "Faithful Friday"....Click on the logo to see Joy and other participants who share their "Faith".

Today I am thankful for my salvation. Jesus has paid it all. He has forgiven me for all my sins and He has given me promise of Hope and Enternal Life with Him. Jesus loves me and He loves You too! He is Alive and He is Risen! Praise the Lord! You all have a Blessful weekends. Happy Resurrection Day!Katherinellen


  1. Your after photos are great. Good job on getting motivated! Happy Easter to you.

  2. Hi Katherinellen,

    Your redo of your space looks great and so peaceful. I'm sure you will love being in there. :)

    Happy Resurrection day to you also!! :)

    Hugs & Blessings,


  3. Hi,

    I hope you have a lovely Easter too!!!! Thanks for participating!!!!!

    Love, Joy =D

  4. What a lovely post. Happy Easter!

    Hugs :)



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