Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

It's Outdoor Wednesday again......Thank you Sweet Susan ~ A Southern Daydreamer for hosting this wonderful event. I hope you are feeling better...My prayers are with you. Take a walk on over to Outdoor Wednesday to see Susan and other participants who share their beautiful outdoor photos. Click on the logo above to visit...

This is my teacup birdfeeder that I made on "Project Friday" event. If you are interesting or want to know about it....go to my sidebar on the "Project Friday" logo. Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage hosted this event. We learn a lots of thing and it fun just as well as "Outdoor Wednesday".

Here are some birds I capture Sunday....I think there two or three....looks closely to see if you see more...

Here is my garden.....need to get in there to refresh the mulch and weed. It has been chilly here in Mississippi that it feel like winter instead of spring. Suppose to warm up today.
If you look closely...the little wren is inside the teacups...So Cute! See the rose buds....maybe next week...I will have some picture of the roses bloom out.

Yesterday...I went out to put more birdfeed out and found smome roses budding. Just Beautiful!

This morning I got up and found this little wren having a teaparty......

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to walk on over to Susan to see all the Outdoor photos....
Hugs and Smiles


  1. That little bird is so pleased with its lunch. Thanks for sharing. Happy Outdoor Wednesday. Here's mine:

  2. Kathy I love your teacup feeder!!! And how beautiful to see those roses blooming!! We still are seeing snow showers and very cool air! I have a feeling we are going to go from winter right into summer!!! Have wonderfully blessed day!!~HUGS~Wendy

  3. Love the teacup feeder, how creative. The rose bud is perfect.

  4. I do believe you and Mom would get along well as me. Love the header to your blog. Enter with a happy heart. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Ohhh..your little teacup birdfeeder is just the cutest ever! You even have a rose blooming. Looks like spring is starting to bloom at your house. Amy :)

  6. I just love the teacup feeder! I'm going to check on making one of those. So sweet!

    You sound like me. I go out and look at what is budding on a daily basis. I love Spring. We've probably had some of the same weather in LA that you've had in MS.

  7. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Kat! You have a beautiful yard! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  8. I just love your teacup feeder, and the picture of the wren in the cup is so precious. My roses are just before blooming I can hardly wait, so I guess for now I will help you enjoy yours. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your family a very blessed and happy Easter.

  9. I love the tea cup bird feeder! I am planning to have a few among my roses. Your rose is going to be so lovely!

  10. The teacup feeder is too cute! I'll have to remember that when I get around to adding some more treats to the yard for the birds.

  11. It is so sweet to actually have birds in those cute feeders!

    Kathy b

  12. Love all of the photos. I really like the cute idea with the cup bird feeder. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for sharing. I hope that you have a blessed Wednesday!

  13. Love the teacup bird feeder! What a neat idea!

  14. I love the teacup. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hello dear Katherinellen, thank you so much for your kind comments about Beth and our grandsons.It was so hard to say goodbye as she was so young and fought so hard to live. There is peace that she is with our Lord now.

    Your post today is just delightful. I love your tea party bird feeder. That is so clever. Your rosebuds are so pretty too. I tried to count the birds in your photo by enlarging it, but it was hard to see. Your garden is so sweet with the brick edging. I know how much work that is. I love your new blog header and design.

    I will still pray for Kandi as she is recovering. We do need to keep up with our breast exams etc.

    See you again soon. Love, Jeanne

  16. Yourr bird feeder is such a great design!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  17. Very creative and the birds are so fun to watch!The roses are beautiful and gives such hope for spring. I hope you enjoy a happy Easter.

  18. How wonderful you have roses ready to bloom soon. I love the teacup too. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. I love your teacup birdfeeder!

  20. I just love the picture of the wren inside the teacup. How precious! Thank you for sharing!

  21. What a fantastic bird feeder! I love it. And you MADE it! Wow!

  22. Love your feeder, and the little bird too!!
    How very creative!
    Have a happy Easter,

  23. I love that adorable teacup bird feeder!

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  24. Your roses are further along than mine! Yours will open any day now and mine are still litle buds. Love the teacup birdfeeder (I have one too)!



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