Friday, March 13, 2009

"Project Friday" & "Hopeful Friday"

Sugarplum Cottage

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This is my before pics for 'PROJECT FRIDAY'.
This is a country three candleholder...the bottom is shape like a heart and decorated with ribbon and artificial leaves./flowers. I had some birdhouses that I thought I can take the candles off and add it to the holders.
First of all...I get this liquid heavy duty nails....Put in the Calking use to squeeze the glue. Be careful...the glue will stick together. If you get it on your hand...wipe excess glue off and wash you hand with soap right away.

Here are the birdhouses....glue gun and ready to start the project....Last week I've glue the tile on the candlestick allow the glue to dry....before I add the birdhouses. . You can get these tiles at Lowe's. Prices are between 58 cents to 1.98 depend on what sizes you get. The birdhouses was given to me as a gifts.. So I wanted to do something creative....So here we ready!...
I squeeze the gun trigger for the glue to come out....put it on the middle of the tile.....About a quarter size......
Then put this birdhouse on that tile...I move the house back and forth to smooth the glue was easy to do this to keep the glue off my hand....then I set it even ...side by side to get the house straight on the tile.........Same process on the sccond tile...... The candlestick in the middle between these birdhouses...
I just put a smill tile on it.
You will see it on the AFTER pics....
Sorry ...I forgot to take the pictures..
Ta-Da......just that EASY......Love It! This birdhouse .....I just put it on the tile by itseft...I didn't change the flowers/leaves.....They still ooks good!



I had a great time redorating this candlestick holders to this Birdhouse Villages......I just love it! So the next "PROJECT FRIDAY' is decorate my computer room with this Birdhouse Villages...... Hopefully I will finish the project......
The two birds....I purchases those at a shop in Franklin,TN.
The birdhouse handbag was made by ROSEMARIE....Yes she made this CUTE bag. Please go visit her EtSY SHOP........HERE
This birdhouse was given to me by my daughter for MOTHER DAY 2 years ago at Day in the Park.
Every year in May ....We have "Day in the Park" They have all vendors all over the United States to bring and sell their crafts. It's will also go with the project ....Birdhouse Villages.....
I just love the glass doorknob.....Just Adaorable!

Hope you all enjoy the "Project Friday". Ya'll come back next week....Come join us.....Get your PROJECT going.


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  1. I love birdhouses and you've made a wonderful display of them. How lovely!!! :)

    Have a GREAT weekend!!

    Hugs & Blessings,


  2. Well, as you can imagine, I love birdhouses and have quite a few... so I am loving this, Kat! What a great idea, and it looks SO cute in your house... AND it's practical! What more can you ask for? Neat project!


    Sheila :-)

  3. This is cute, cute idea. Of course you know I love birdhouses and I love what you've done with these. Can't wait to see that computer room. Thank you so much for participating in Project Friday. Love ya, Rosemarie

  4. That is sooo cute, and how very clever of you!!!

    Great instructions too.

    Barbara Jean


    for larger bird nests you can use: birch tree limbs (as i did)
    honeysuckle vines
    or any vine that is durable enough to bend in a circle. Please let me see your nest if you get it done!!

    Do you care if i post a pic of your project on my site? I think it is too cute!!

  5. Kat, your birdhouses are wonderful. I really like them!!

    Barb~Bella Vista

  6. I just love birdhouses. What a wonderful project.

    Hugs :)


  7. Very cute! I love using Liquid Nails. It makes you feel like a construction worker.

  8. oh how cute, i love the two little birds on the front.

  9. Kat,

    What a neat idea! It turned out so cute! Your instructions made it look easy, but I can tell you put a lot of work in to it and in making your post with all those pictures!)

    Thank you so much. You did a great job, I love it! :-)


  10. I just love this! I love birdhouses so much! I love your candle stand turned into a village! Just love the idea! I used to have one of those heart candle sticks, I think its long gone! lol Should have kept it. lol


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