Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted "Outdoor Wednesday". Take a walk through Outdoor Wednesday....Spring is here.....You will have a Fun-tastic day visiting with Susan and other partcipants Click HERE

My "Outdoor Wednesday" at the Hickory Grove Cementary. This is where my grandparents, in-law, relatives, and friends. are buried here. I wanted to share with you how beautiful the place is. My favorite place is where the located in the middle of the cemetary. We have taken our daughter, nephews, and neices to feed the ducks and goose when they were small. Great's so peaceful here. You will hear birds and ducks singing music in your ears. I love to come here to visits and enjoy the veiw. I took the pictures Sunday after having rain for 4 days....and some picture was made yesterday. It was a beautiful day in 80s ........It's in the 80s today. We are having another Beautiful Sunshine Day.....Spring is here...and it's heading your way soon!

Thank you for visitng me...Hope you had a great tour with me....Have a great "Outdoor Wednesday"....Katherinellen


She has some procedure done Monday....and the doctor said if she still having problem and not better ... Wed.(today) for her to call them.....Need you all to keep her in your prayers. Thanks for your Prayers and Thoughts.


  1. Wow! Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE the pink flowers! :)

    Hope you have a good day!


  2. What a beautiful resting place! And such a comforting place for others when they come to visit. I pray Kandi gets results quickly and that she feels better soon. Take care my friend!!~hugs~Wendy

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Katherinellen! Beautiful pictures! I love to wander old cemeteries.... I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers... Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Your pictures are lovely and I will keep your daughter in my prayers! Spring is such a lovely time of the year!

  5. I think there are geese at every cemetery there is lol Great pictures! Happy OW!

  6. Katherinellen, your post is outstanding with all of your beautiful photos. Just gorgeous.

    I want to thank you four very kind words about my ex-DIL and her cancer battle. Your thoughtfulness was so sweet and your prayers are so appreciated. Out trip to Fl. was very welcome by Beth and my grandsons. Her spirits were high. She is really an amazing girl. Our grands were so pleased to see us too. We do not have any news about how things are going so no news is good news sometimes.

    I am so hoping your daughter will have a good report and I pray for her good health. We need the strength of our faith at times like these.

    Blessings and love...Jeanne

  7. Keeping your dear daughter in my prayers.

    Your photos are so lovely. I like to see cemetaries that are park like in their appearance. It's a wonderful resting place for sure.


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  9. Lovely photographs, especially that bright azalea. God bless and keep Kandi, and her mother.

  10. I will continue to pray for Kandi.

    I love the cemetary views. I have a few places in my head that look like that.

    Love, Joy

  11. Kat, this is truly lovely. Thanks so much for sharing...


    Sheila :-)


Thank you for taking the time of visiting with a happy heart. I will be happy to hear from you and I will visit you soon. You all have a blessful day! Katherinellen

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