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Outdoor Wednesday

It's time to go "Outdoor Wednesday" Our Sweet Susan hosted "Outdoor Wednesday" Take a walk through Susan blog at A Southern Daydreamer to see the beautiful outdoors. Please take the time to comments at Susan and other partcipants who share their "Outdoor Wednesday". We love to hear from Ya'll.....You will have a Great Day!

My "Outdoor Wednesday is my trip we took last Saturday....It was a gorgeous and warm day. Had a great time enjoying the smell of fresh air of Spring....listening the birds.....and enjoying the Sunshine! Spring is's coming your way soon.....We went to the Dunn's Fall Water Park....It's about 15 miles from Meridian, MS.
Welcome to Dunn's Fall in Mississippi......
This guy is fishing for Catsfish....NO BITE! he said.

This photo is at the top of the Dunn's Fall. You see the water streaming down the water mill.

Here the Water Mill.....The Mill House is on the left.....It's old, rustic house....The bottom photo is the inside the mill house...Jennifer is looking at the mill.

Behind us is the mill can tell it's old, rustic cabin.

We found some little white and purplish-blue wildflowers.....they are so cute......Anybody know what they are...I don't. All I know it''s wildflowers.....

Found more wildflowers peeking out of the leaves.. The photo of me....look behind me...It just beautiful! The weather was gorgeous...It's in the 80s. and breezy........I know you are wondering how come I have a jacket.....I'm cold nature.........
This view is looking down going to the bottom to the Fall. It's about 4 to 5 flight of stairs....they have bench to stop and rest awhile..........

This is Jennifer......a sweet friend of mine....she can be my daughter.. She has been living in Laurel for about two year....Her hometown is Natchez, MS. She go to my church....I met her last Spring at church and when we went to Canton Flea Market in Canton, MS.
This is Dee.....She is my encourager and full of joy. She keep me laughting. I have known her for 3 years... She move to Laurel after Hurricane Katrina. Her previous resident from Picayune, MS. Her family is from New Orleans...Her father move up here too after Hurricane Katrina. Dee goes to my church too.....

Be careful Jen and Dee....It's slippery.....
Look at the Water Mill....and the Dunn's Fall.....It's breathtaking...Just Beautiful!.

This view is beautiful!

This is the step that we came down....It's about 4 to 5 flight of stairs. Lots of exercise...LOL

Location and Description of this Water Park- Dunn's Falls is located on the Chunky River, 15 miles south of Meridian, Mississippi. On the Chunky River there is a 65-foot water fall created in the mid 1850's by John Dunn, an Irish immigrant, to power a grist mill. The falls, created by diverting a stream that flowed 70 yards from a bluff, cascades over the craggy bluff. An 1857 grist mill was moved from Cave Springs, Georgia in 1987 and reconstructed on the site of Dunn's original mill, as well as the rustic homestead fascinate history buffs. Stocked with catfish and complete with ducks, the mill pond and a picnic area are a great spot for a family outing.
The crystal clear river offers fishing, canoeing and swimming. A short walk removes visitors from even a nod to civilization, as nature trails wind through the woods which are home to wild turkey, deer, squirrels and other wildlife, carrying hikers - eventually - back to the pond. There is one cabin available for rental. Primitive camping sites are available for those who like to rough it. Paddleboats are also available for rental.
Recreation - Visitors to Dunn's Falls Water Park enjoy primitive camping, cabin stays, fishing, swimming, paddle-boating, picnicking, hiking and taking in the peace and beauty of this Pat Harrison Water Park. The park is open year-round Wednesday through Sunday.
Climate - Mississippi lies mainly in the subtropics. The climate is mild with the coldest months experiencing low temperatures near 40 degrees F. Summer temperatures frequently reach 100 degrees F, with coastal breezes providing cooling relief. Humidity is highest in August and September reaching an average close to 90%. The highest rainfall comes during the spring months, but December and January are wet, too. Expect temperatures in the northeastern region to be somewhat cooler than the rest of the state.
Website: Dunn's Fall Water Park

I hope you enjoy the tour.....Don't forget to visit Susan.....Have a Wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!
Smiles and Hugs


  1. What a lovely place, Kat! I'm so glad you took us along with you. Loved the mill and the rustic mill house and stream.

    Wishing you a very Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I just love pictures of rivers, moving water and all that. I grew up in the Dominican Republic - right in the middle of a valley so we had no beaches. But my dad use to take us to the rivers and it was the best time ever. Great memories. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures.

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! What a wonderful tou of Dunn's Fall! Looks like the weather was perfect...and the "company" wonderful! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Lovely pictures Kathy!

  5. What a beautiful place. It's so fun getting to "travel" the country through peoples blogs.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fun post! Pics are beautiful!!! :)

  7. I enjoyed the tour of Dunn's Falls. Don't you just calm right now when you hear the sound of waterfalls? Simple but peaceful what a nice trip. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  8. Beautiful pictures hun :D I really like that wheel on the mill! Happy OW!

  9. Welcome back, Katherinellen! I enjoyed my visit through your eyes to Dunn's Falls. What a lovely natural area. I wouldn't like to climb those flights of stairs, though. Oh, my knees! LOL

    All the best, Lana @ Showers of Blessings

  10. Beautiful pictures, this is a gorgeous area. What a great day to visit with friends and just enjoy the wonderful weather. Kathy

  11. Katherine,

    What a fun place to visit, I love the old mill! It looks like you had a great time and as always, you & dee have so much fun together!! :-)


  12. You sure are having fun! :-)Lovely place to visit. Beautiful pictures you took there

  13. These pictures are so good. The next time you guys go don't forget me, If I'm not working that is, you know how that goes. Can't believe Jennifer walked out there without falling. Love you three, Rose

  14. Kathy,
    This is awesome!!! I love the pictures....I also want to take Lee and the kids. They would love it too. I have some pictures so the purple-ish flower too. I look forward to next this something you do every Wednesday. I plan on doing an "Outdoor Wednesday" next week. I love it!! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Take care,

  15. These beautiful pictures remind me of a time many years ago when I visited the childhood home of my father. He grew up in Conroe, Texas...long before the land was ravaged with buildings and new construction. His favorite haunt was a place called Crystal Creek. Seeing pics of this gorgeous land made me tear up just a bit!

    LOVE visiting here! Peaceful...


  16. Stopping by to say hello. Love your new profile pic. :)

  17. Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for reminding me why I miss living in the south...such a wonderful place to spend time.

  18. That is a gorgeous place. Thank you for taking me somewhere far away from home.


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