Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am happy to be back.....Just in time for "Outdoor Wednesday" at Susan~A Southern Daydreamer. Take a walk through the "Outdoor Wednesday" to see beautiful photos of God's beauty. Thank you Susan for the wonderful event to explore the beauty......Click on the Event (above photo) to view at Susan ~ A Southern Daydreamer and other participants. Come join the fun and meeting new friends.Today I am showing the photos I took last Friday before the storms came....It's little blurred.....The birds were enjoying the warmth day we had.....It was 79 degrees that day...Friday 27th. Then it rain that night....all day Saturday....The temps. dropped from 70 to 40 Saturday. It was getting colder and colder....We had sleet and snow flurries all through Sunday morning starting 3 am through 7 am....The snow did not accumulate. My sister in Nashville had 8 inches....of ice and snow. Alabama and Georgia got ice and snow...Like I been telling ya'll ...that it has been a crazy weather this Winter.....The birds was enjoying the warth day....Sorry it blurred...but you can tell the bird is on the feeding stand....If you looks real will see birds all on the ground...I think ther are 2 or 3.....This the birdhouse that I bought at the Canton, Mississippi Flea Market last year in May.....If you notice it kinda of leaning crooked.... I wanted to straighten but the bluebird have already made a nest in there....last week.The photo below can tell there is a bluebird on the birdhouse.....
Went out yesterday evening.......It was still chilly ....but I went out to scout get more photos of the birds....They were no where to find.......The photo below that I took hoping I would capture the bluebird again...It so hard to capture the birds to have a clear photos....Then I found something green stickin up from the pretty lillies.....Look how green it is....Can't wait to share when it bloom. Then I notice my roses are starting to bloom with new leaves....Here are the roses leaves.....This rosebush is the one that bloom Hot Pink....better photos below....This rosebush bloom Red......I'm hoping the rest of the rosebush will be okay.....they don't look so great. We have had several (Hard freeze) Winter day and night this year....more than we had in a long time. I believe this was the coldest Weather we the Deep South.

Yesterday evening around 5pm.....I try to capture the bluebird again....but I think they were inside for the day....It's still chilly here....By the way....those flowers are artificials.....LOL. Got to go to Coleman's Nursery to get some flowers to plant....:) Today we are having the warmer weather heading our way this week...Today is going to be 60s....Thursday till Sunday...Mid 70s.....YEAH! Thank you all for stopping by....Remember to go to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer to visit the "Outdoor Wednesday". Have a wonderful day....

Smiles and Hugs



  1. I loved seeing those sweet birds, Kat! And I'm glad to see you, too. Thanks for sharing these with us. Hoping you have better weather soon...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I love watching birds too

  3. Katherinellen, I adore bird watching., and love your outdoor pics of the early signs of spring appearing. ;) ~CC Catherine

  4. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Katherinellen! I can sit and watch birds for hours....Thanks for sharing your photos.Welcome back!


  5. Hello Katherinellen,
    Thanks for posting these pics. I so enjoy looking at birds and seeing how diligent they are in everything they do!!! I am kinda worried about my roses too, but they are diligent too!!! Blessings,

  6. Birds are so adorable. I am amazed at how busy they can be making their nests, bringing food for their young and teaching their wee ones to fly. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  7. How pretty...that birdhouse is precious! Happy OW!

  8. Such precious bird pictures! Thanks for sharing ... Have a great Wednesday!

  9. Love the birds! Have a great day!

  10. Kathy, they are so much fun to watch! Lovely photos. Happy OW!

  11. Welcome back my friend, its so good to see you posting!!!:0) I am soooo jealous, you have wonderful sunshine and warmer weather coming.... I'll be by for a visit!!LOL.....I love your birdhouse, isn't it great when the birds use them!!! Have wonderful week Kathy!!~HUGS~Wendy

  12. Birds sure do eat a lot. The expression "eats like a bird" sure doesn't apply to constantly refilling their feeders. I love seeing all the little birds. Sometimes the bigger birds act like bullies and scare the little ones away. I have a woodpecker visiting my suet. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  13. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy OW. I enjoyed your photos.

  14. I enjoyed my trip throught your yard. Signs of spring everywhere. Your description of the weather was fascinating. 79 to snow! Oh my!

    Kathy b

  15. Oh, how lovely to see those sweet birds, and the charming signs of spring. Lucky you -- you have GREEN!


  16. I see your bluebird, it showed up alright. I love the weather today, don't you. Haven't had a chance to go and play yet. Boy, your lilies are really growing. Hugs, Rose

  17. Love the pictures of all the birds, but especially the bluebird. They are so pretty, and we don't have them where we live. Can't wait to see your lillies when they bloom. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Kathy


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