Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Pink Saturday"

Our Sweet Beverly at How Sweet The Sound hosted "Pink Saturday" Click on the picture to your left...and visit Sweet Beverly and all the participants who shares their "Pink". Thank you Beverly for hosted the "Pink Saturday"

My contribution of "Pink Saturday" is my P.Silkotch Collections. This one was made in 1992. I not sure what pattern it is....I think it Sweet Meadow or Blue Chloe. It's ear, nose, and bloom is Rose Pink. My friend, Teresa gave me this Sweet Lil Rabbit for my birthday Feb. 9, 1994.

Profile about P. Silkotch.......
Artist Perpetua Silkotch was born and raised among the European countryside. Arriving in America in her mid-teens, she has always been involved with creative projects such as crafts, oil painting, and ceramics. Having lived in the South and calling Mississippi her home for the past thirty years, she now uses her creative talents to blend the charm of the Old Country, along with the elegance of the Deep South. In thought and color, she produces a line of beautiful, vivid and exquisite dinnerware and accessories.
P.Silkotch maintains a small but highly talented staff of craftsmen and artists. This makes production limited. This form of limited production insures that you , the selective buyer, receives original, carefully crafted, and entirely hand-painted items of the finest quality.
P.Silkotch started selling her designs to local friends and customers in 1990. Her first offering consisted of approximately fifteen different items in only two designs. As demand for her work grew, so has the company.
Since incorporating in 1992 and moving to her own studio, P. Silkotch now sells to individuals and fine gift shops across the country. She now has 35 designs to choose from and over 175 pieces available in each design. You're sure to find the perfect items and rich color combinations to enjoy, entertain with, or accent that special place in your home or office.
CLICK HERE to read more about P. Silkotch Collections.
I wish you all can see this in person...It's just Beautiful !
It doesn't matter How or What position you display the's just has the it's Beauty all around........
Looks how cute and precious.......
Sorry this picture is blurry....but if you look close ..the signature and on the bottom.
Thank you for stopping by......Don't forget to visit Beverly and other participants.
Hugs and Smiles


  1. What a beautiful treasure. This is the first time learning about Silkotch. Thank you, I love learning of the history behind a creation. Happy Pink Saturday. And of course I adore anything about bunnies too!

  2. Beautiful rabbit.. I am going to go look for more!!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


  3. Oh, I love bunnies so, so much. I have several in my home! Thanks for reminding me to get them out for display this Easter season.

  4. I've never heard of these collectibles. Thanks for sharing the info!

  5. Katherinellen, it is just beautiful. I loved learning about the background.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! What a sweet face!

  7. Oooo, I love little bunny. It's just beautiful..

  8. Hi Katherinellen,
    I loved that bunny with the sweetly lashed eyes.

    Have a great Pink Saturday!
    Deanna :D

  9. Kat, that is a very, very sweet bunny. Thanks for sharing!


    Sheila :-)

  10. I've seen those before! I didn't know that's what they were! But it sure is cute!


  11. This is a very sweet little bunny, what a treasure. And you have a birthday tomorrow??
    Happy Birthday Kat!!


  12. What a fabulous collection, Katherinellen! All bunnies are sweet!

  13. The pattern is in fact Blue Chloe, the pattern I have. I just returned from a trip to Mississippi to visit family. When calling to confirm hours, I learned from her husband that the factory closed about 18 months ago. The factory, including land and trademarked patterns have been sold to a new owner. A new opening is in the works, but no date has been set. To collectors, like me, treasure the pieces you have. We were definitely part of something special. God Bless.

  14. I was given a beautiful Christmas ornament this past week from a good friend. It is hand-painted with greenery, berries and bells....with ribbon running throughout. It is absolutely gorgeous. I just had to google the name of the artist: P. Siklotch. Yes, it's signed and dated 1996. I love it. It is already a very special addition to my prized ornament collection.


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