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Outdoor Wednesday

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted "Outdoor Wednesday" If you are interesting in this on the logo picture below....and learn about what it is all about. Join the fun.....and visit Susan and all the participants who are sharing "Outdoor Wednesday". Thank you Susan!

My "Outdoor Wednesday" is about my trip to Women's Retreat last Fall At Brookhill Ranch in Sept...2008. This is located outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It's so breathtaking there....I wish you would have been there....The conference was just awesome and breathtaking....350 ladies came.I'm standing by the horse of the entrance of the ranch.This is my friend Dee.......As you walking or driving ...this is the beginning of the view when you enter in to the ranch.....There were few of us walking during our break.....after lunch we decided to view God's Beauty....SIGH...Here we are trying to help Sonya up on the hay bale.....look at Dee is trying to lift her up....LOL....Then I was trying to pull her up and laughting at the same time....LOL.....Meanwhile we had this lady to take our picture once we settle to pose........needless to know...we didn't know she was taking pictures the whole time....LOL....LOL.....Here we are still trying to get in the position for our picture.....remember the lady still clicking pictures......Laughing our head off......okay...let get our breath and Smiles.....Yeah!.....Now.....we got it!! We had a BLAST! LOL...We walk from the meeting place to the entrance and back....It's about 2 miles round trip.....Beautiful walk..........just peaceful and breathtaking..... This is the swimming hole......this is where the kids go swimming in summer.....They have Kids Summer Camp here.....Great place to send your kids for the summer.
They have slide, diving board, swing and outhouse(with comoe) LOL...

Behind Dee is the swimming hole......There the Outhouse.......Cute! I love this picture...... This is the spring water pump...... the picture is sideway...sorry....

This is a wonderful place to go and relax.....Just enjoy God's Beauty and assembly together in God's presence......sigh......

My friend Sonya and Dee.....This is located outside of the meeting place.....Look behind them........the beautiful pond....There are cabins all around.......we stay at the inn......because the bathroom was outside in another building itself.......I cannot see a things at night.....I would have had to wake someone up to take me....It's would have been a sight.....LOL. Most of you ...know I have tunnel vision and night the best advice for me was to stay at the inn.....didn't want have a broken bones...LOL. Sorry I don't have picture of the cabins. If you go to the web-site.....there are pictures. I have the information at the of this post..

Here me and Dee........ This is my favorit of all picture....just beatiful!

This Spring they are having the Women's Retreat.....we are hoping we will be able to go....we are praying about it....and saving money.......If you are are some information...

Brookhill Ranch or see flash pictures

Women's Spring Seminar

April 17-19

April 24-26

May 1-3

Interesting going to the retreat...e-mail:

Thank you for stopping by....Hope you enjoy my tour....walk on over to see Susan.....

Have a Beautiful Day!

Smiles and Hugs



  1. good job blogger - it brings back many sweet memories.

  2. Hello Katherinellen,
    I just loved the visit, You girls looked as though you did have a Blast!!!!How blessed to have friends, they are truly gifts from God!!

  3. Oh, my goodness...I am originally from Hot Springs! Moved away in 1982. I don't remember this ranch, so it may have opened up later. Your pictures make me really miss "HOME".

  4. Looks like your special retreat was amazing. Glad you enjoyed such a great time.

    All the best, Lana

  5. Happy Outdoor Wednesday

    Looks like alot of fun!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  6. That looks like a very special place. I am happy that you get to have so much fun there with friends. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Katherinellen,

    You know already that I love these pictures from another post you did. The rest are just breathtaking! I can see why they would host retreats looks so peaceful.

    I see you & Dee are at it again! ;-)


  8. WOW these are beautiful Kat! What a wonderful place for a retreat! I am so glad you got to go and had such a good time. Beautiful photos!

  9. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! Thanks for sharing, Kat!


    Sheila :-)

  10. What a lovely place to retreat. Looks like you were the only ones there :0)

  11. What a pretty ranch! And the pictures of the haystack were priceless :)

  12. This looks like a lovely place! The sky is just gorgeous! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Kathy

  13. Oh, what fun! That is a wonderful ranch!
    Sorry I have not got back with you, been little under the weather, slept 36 hours straight. I have my grandchildren for week. Not much blogging time. They will be here again tomorrow. We have not gotten to go to Tayorsville, for we had children. Come see my post and see if you are interested in joining all Mississippi Bloggers and Friends for a day of antiquing and fun.

  14. Hi Kat,thank you for visiting my blog,nice to meet another Mississippi blogger,I live about 1 hour south of Laurel in a small community called Jayess.We spent about a week in Laurel last year at All Star baseball games with my 9 year old the pics of the ranch it looks like a wonderful relaxing place to be.Very beautiful.Hope you and Dee can come join the bloggers in Philadelphia when Lady Katherine gets it together.

  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I meant to leave you a comment yesterday but we had some really bad weather and it kept knocking our internet out. Love your outdoor Wednesday photos. Looks like a fun group of gals.

  16. Hi Katherinellen! Love your outdoor post pics! What a lovely retreat, aren't they the best to grow deeper in love with HIM? You're precious! ~CC Catherine

  17. Oh my goodness I have not heard Hettie Lou in forever!!!
    It is so pretty up there....I've passed by there but never been there on one of her retreats.
    I've heard her down here in Louisiana on other retreats though.
    I'm so glad you all had a such a great time and made such wonderful memories.
    Be blessed,

  18. Kathrinellen, this the most beautiful and happy post and I loved every photo. It made me laugh so hard my dh was asking what was going on. Thank you for sharing a wonderful retreat with your friend Dee and all the women who attended with you.


  19. That is simply wonderful! I am so very happy that you had a chance to be among most loved friends! :)


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