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Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted the "Outdoor Wednesday" Click on the picture below to view Susan and other partcipant who is sharing Outdoor themes.....
My "Outdoor Wednesday" is sharing what I did on my Birthday last Monday Feb. 9th. It was a Fabulous's was Sunny and 75 degrees. Okay....Are you ready to take a Collin Mississippi.....
I took this picture....LOL...chop part of my head...OH Well!
Here we go....with the sun roof open....enjoying the music and viewing the country.
Here Dee driving Ms Daisy(me) to Collin, MS for my birthday...
Dee wanted to take a picture of me with my head out of the sun roof. I had a hard time getting up there...that when you are getting old...but I consider that I still Fabulous Fifty! LOL....
So here we are in the little town of Collin.
This is the City Hall. They do not have Wal mart here.....It just a wonderful place to go....It's a small little town with little shop....small business. It soooo quite and peaceful there. They have kept their town tradition....not new business like Wal-mart, Target...and many more.

Here is the Court House.....see that farmer with his vegetables his truck....In the Summer time....there would be more farmers selling their vegetable and fruits here in front of the Court House. They would be line front of the Court House.
Here is a Clcck....they have two of them....sorry about the picture sideway...I could not fix...oh well..

Here are som pansies and flowers.......The picture below is the water fountain.....It's sooo neat....

Here is my friend Dee....who was driving Ms. Daisy...(me)Here I am sitting in front of this cafe...we ate there....Ya'll come on in.........It's called Morgan's on Main....
Isn't this CUTE!
It's has old I love Lucy...Three Stooges....Elvis....and many more... Here I am smelling this appetizers....IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! It's was fried pickles, fried jalepenos,onions ring, fried mushroom,and chesse sticks...with ranch sauce and comback sauce to dip them in. Mmmmmm!!! This was a Plain Jane hambuger with fries....Mmmmm! The plain Jane was not just plain...LOL...It was dressed with tomatoes,cheese,onions,pickles,lettuce....It was delicious! I only ate half of it.....It's was soooo big...LOL ....After eating we went to two Antique Shop....will show pictures on another day....
Glad you stopped by......Ya'll don't forget to go visit Susan and other participants.... "Outdoor Wednesday"

Hope Ya'll enjoy the Fabulous Fifty Day with Me.....Have a Bless Day! Katherinellen


  1. Oh I am hungry now...
    Happy Birthday to you! :)

  2. What a fun way to celebrate a birthday...and that little town is so neat! May the year ahead be filled with lots more happy days for you. :-)

  3. Happy 50th birthday, Katherinellen! Looks like you had a fun girls' day out to celebrate. Wishing you many more happy and healthy birthdays. Can't wait to see your antiquing pictures!

    Blessings, Lana

  4. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Kathy and Happy Birthday!

    What a fun trip! Looks like a great day to five to Collin...and you and Dee had a marvelous time

    Thanks for sharing it with us!


  5. It looks like you had a great birthday! What a beautiful little town, it reminds me alot of our except we do have a Walmart and Target - but they are banished to the outskirts! Love the farmer's market, we have one every Thursday on our courthouse square too! Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  6. Hello Kathy and Happy Birthday to you, looks like you had a wonderful day with your friend in the perfect town and the food sure is making me hungry lol, Kathy/mama

  7. It's sounds like you are having a lot of fun celebrating so far Miss Daisy! That hamburger looked scrumptious!! Fried pickles?? Hmmm, I'm going to have to visit Collin to see about these!!


  8. Just loved the pics., Looks like you and Dee had a blast!!! My kind of birthday!!!!

  9. Another good blog spot. It'll be fun down the road to reminese. I wonder what we will be doing next year on your birthday.

  10. Kat, I posted on this last night (or I thought), but I guess I didn't. LOL! Looks like a fun time! Glad you had fun...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for sharing your celebrating.


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