Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Today is "Outdoor Wednesday" Want to know about on the picture below "Outdoor Wednesday" at Susan ~ A Southern Daydreamer....It's about that time to go back to the nursery. Need to get some flowers....for Spring....Last October we went to this nursery (Coleman Nursery off of Interstate 59).....They had all kind of flowers...Mums, Pansies, Azaleas, daisies...many more....This place is huge...they have so many selections...Here are some pictures I took last Fall 2008...and the butterflies were everywhere.....It was a beautiful day that day....Enjoy the tour....

Hope you enjoy visiting the nursery....Have a Wonderful Outdoor Wednesday. Go on over to visit Susan ~ A Southern Daydreamer for "Outdoor Wednesday".

Smiles and Hugs



  1. I'm ready for spring, and those shots are lovely. Even with the cold, I am enjoying each and every day that the Lord has made just like I know you are, too and looking forward to His beautiful spring bounty! :-) Thanks, Kat. I loved looking at these shots of flowers and the lovely butterflies. Isn't God good? :-)

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!



  2. I love going to nurseries. We have a place in LA that we travel about 2 hours to get to. There are huge nurseries tho and so many tempting things. Mr. Dumpling has to just hold me back!

  3. Totally loving your spring posies today Katherinellen! I have Bradford Pear trees bloomin today! ;) Blessings! ~CC Catherine

  4. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Katherinellen! Love the photos of the nursery... I can't wait for the plants and flowers to start arriving at our stores!
    I love the photos of the mums and butterflies...the colors are so rich... I am tired of the greys and browns of winter!

    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  5. Oh I love all these photos and the butterflies are fabulous! Thanks for the tour of the nursery!

  6. Thanks for the tour of the lovely nursery and the beautiful butterflies! And I didn't even have to get up from my table!

    Kathy b

  7. Such beautiful flowers. Love the butterflies too. I love to go to nurseries and see all the beautiful colors.

  8. Makes me dreaming of spring !

  9. Beautiful tour. Love the butterflies, and the colors are so refreshing after looking at the dreary brown landscape here! Kathy

  10. Looking at your pictures makes me long for days that I can linger at my favorite nursery.Enjoyed.

  11. Wow! Beautiful photos! Love the butterflies! Thanks for the tour...Debbie

  12. Hi KatherinEllen,
    I really enjoyed the nursery tour and those butterflies and flowers are outstanding. Cindy

  13. Spring will be here in no time. I keep thinking this even though there is snow and cold outside here in Illinios. Love your butterflys and flowers.

  14. Oh my goodness this is incredible. I'm looking forward to heading to a nursery a bit north of us. We have a ways to go before that happens, but for now I can dream.. lol. It is so nice to meet you. I'm so glad you swung by to see the side yard with the weigela and such. I hope to see you again soon.. hugs ~lynne~

  15. What wonderful pictures! I love the butterflies!

  16. Butterflies and blooms...oh, how I wish it were spring. Your photos are gorgeous.

  17. Hi Katherine. Thank you so much. You have some great photos too. I'm ready to see flowers blooming.

  18. Great and pretty post those butterflies and I am so ready for spring..I just started adding it to my house..thanks for sharing...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. I looks like a wonderful place to shop(-: One day its like Spring here and the next its like Winter! We need rain so I am not complaining its just hard to not be excited for Spring to finally arrive!!(-: Have a great weekend!


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