Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Outdoor Wednesday"

Susan at A Southern Daydreamer hosted the "Outdoor Wednesday". Click on the picture below to visit Susan and other participants sharing outdoor posts. This is my rose garden last summer 2008. This rose is a Hot Pink color. This rose is called David Austin Rose. When it start a buds is kinda of yellow...then it turn darker into Hot pink bloom. It's amazing how the color changes. I love different type of roses. I have other color roses...I will share it in the future.

Thank you for stopping by for "Outdoor Wednesday". Don't forget to take a tour over to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!\


  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! What a beautiful hot pink rose! I know you are looking forward to seeing it bloom again this summer!

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos!

  2. Kat, that's a very lovely rose! Thank you for sharing...



  3. Hi Kat...I'm so glad I came to visit on Outdoor Wednesday! That is a darling rose, I can almost smell it! :-)

    Thanks for a great post!



  4. From one Cat to another Kat.. =) These roses are "gorgeous"! Sorry, my humor is really raw this morning, my little granddoggie visitor "toy yorkie" slept in my bed last night and I've been up since 3am because of "her" tossing and turning. haha! Well Kat...very cool share today! Come for a visit today to see my Yellow Rose...@ Blessings... ~CC

  5. Good morning Kathrinellen, your hot pink rose is gorgeous. It is interesting that it starts out yellow. A rose post in the winter is a very pretty sight. (even if it was taken in the summer) smile. My post is the different seasons of my dogwood tree and the pics were taken all season long. Anything outdoors is worthy of a post and I enjoyed your rose today.


  6. What a wonderful rich color your rose has! Just beautiful. Have a great day Katherinellen!

  7. Kat, I am so glad to meet you. I love roses, too. The hot pink rose is beautiful.

  8. Such a gorgeous color rose. Beautiful. Thank you for the bright color today.

    Kathy b

  9. What a beautiful rose. We had tons of roses when we lived in California but they don't do too well here in the desert. I wish I had taken more pictures of them when I lived there. Of course when I left there I didn't have a computer - hardly anybody had computers - and I didn't know that one day I would want to show them to the world. Wow how things have changed.

  10. Hi Kat, That is a beautiful rose. Your garden looks lovely. It makes me think of spring :>)

  11. It is so nice to pop in and see a garden full of life. Thanks for sharing your beautiful rose of changing colors. It is lovely.

  12. What a beautiful rose, such a rich color. I've never seen one that changes color like that, how pretty and unique. Thanks for sharing this hint of summer with us. Kathy

  13. Pink flowers are my favorite. Your rose is a gorgeous shade of pink. How interesting that it starts out yellow.

  14. Ok, I am in love, second picture down statue, I wana it!! LOL, maybe I could get really good at pottery?? fiona

  15. Hi Kat! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit me. I love roses. My mother had vining roses when we were little. I have a lot of flowers, but have never tried roses. Maybe I'll get a few bushes and give them a try this year. Did you see the roses on my header? They were purchased, but were so beautiful my friends thought they were artificial. I dried them afterwards. It's nice to meet you, please come and visit me again.


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