Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Pink Saturday" ~My Thanksgiving With My Family~

We had a wonderful time together.....We had turkey, ham, pork loin, green beans, corn-on-the-cob, sweet potato casserole, stuffed eggs, potatoe salad, cornbread dressings,cranberry, roll....It's was delicious....The desserts we had was...millionaire pie, pecan pie, coconut delight pie, sweet potatoe pie, lemon ice box pie, cornflake candy, blueberry cheesecake pie, cherry cheesecake pie. I felt like I had gain 10

Here is me with Paige(My nephew Adam girlfriend... daughter)....she brought all her stuff animals to play with me...Look what on my lap....A Pink Flamingo.... She had a mama one and baby one...they was cute.....Well everyone play with her and the Pink Flamingo....all day...

She was tease on this picture..... And she said...CheeseShe was ready to eat .......Mmmmm.....This is Paige mom on the left....Kathryn and my sister on right......Jenny. My nephew, Adam love Paige like she is his own daughter...

Jenny and her husband....Mark

Jenny family.....she have 2 sons.......Paige, Kathryn (Adam girlfriend), Adam, Mark, Jenny, Aaron My brother Mark and his fiance...Callese

My brother have 2 sons and a daughter.

Mark daughter Natalie and her fiance....Paul

Mark youngest son...Luke (right side)Mark oldest son ...Matthew (right side)My Mama and Aaron posing......My Sweet Daddy....My Beautiful mama is enjoying listening to her children and grandchildren...

Look at the grandchildren having a good ole time. Look...there 's Pink Flamingo....It sitting on the edge of the recliner with Matthew girlfriend...Savanah.Me and my daughter...Kandi. She is my only child.Kandi and her husband...Brandon
Me and my sister...Jenny. My other sister...Amy and her family could not come....They live in Tenn. My sister only had one day off from work... It's was not the same without her. We miss her and family so much. She have one daughter(Hope) and a son(Daniel). My husband and his sister went to see their sister who live in Pascagoula(Mississippi Gulfcoast) to visit. He had a great Thanksgiving too! There was not much of Pink....But I was tickle Pink enjoying my family on Thanksgiving Day!

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You all have a Fun=tastic Pink Saturday......


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Hopeful Friday

"The Lord is my strength and shield, I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me; and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of Thanksgiving." Psalms 28:7 (Photo by my friend at our Church Thanksgiving Dinner)

My Thanks lists:

1.My Salvation

2.My husband

3.My daughter and son-in-law

4.My Parents and family

5. My Church and My Church Family

6.My friends and blogfriends

7.My Home

8. My Health

9. My Job

10.My Freedom

I am so Thanksful for the Freedom we have to worship with our Lord, freedom of speech, and freedom to witness to others. I am bless to have all my family,church family,friends and you who love me..... I love each one of you...and my prayers is for the Lord strengthen you and keep you in his arms. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and Hopeful Friday. May the Lord bless you.

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Our Hopeful Friday is sharing Thanksgiving.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Rose Wednesday"

This pink rose is outside of my computer room window. Today is cloudy....we are suppoe to get some rain. We need it! I hope you can see the kinda dark. I think this is my last rose until Spring. I have others Rose bushes that are Sub-zero Roses. I hope that they will bloom this winter. I do have one more rose bush that are Mini Roses. It's has a bud on it. Maybe it will open soon. I have 14 Roses bushes. Maybe of all of the roses...I will have some to show during the winter month. Last year they bloom all sub-zero did because it didn't get as cold.... But this year...I don't know if they will....we have been having cold morning and night (below freezing). What we been getting lately is when it come around in January. I live in South Mississippi. We have cold (above freeze) and warm winter. I believe we are going to have COLD Winter this year. And it so dry usually wet. I would love to have snow this year more than once...LOL I love snow....It's sit in your living room and watch the snow...and drink hot cocoa...Mmmmmm! You all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book Tagged.......

By Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor

Books Tagged
The rules are:
1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.
3. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My seven random book facts:

1. My favorite book was Charlotte Web when I was a child.....I thought Charlotte really talk...LOL :P

2. I also had to do many books report.....To tell ya the truth...I hated to do those.

3. I don't read the small print book much because it strain my eyes.....I rather have a large print book. The larger they are ....the better....(I have tunnel vision)

4. My favorite Author is Jan Oke....loved her books.

5. Jan Oke wrote "Love Come Softly".....There are nine more books following.....10 books series. Michael Landrum, Jr. has directed & produced the first 6 movies......each year there is a movie on the next book. It's a great gifts to have....I love it and my favorite of all!
I also love devotion books....they are an encouragement. Great book to have of Max Lacudo, Anne Graham, Billy Graham, and many more.

6. I am a member of Mississppi Library for the Blind....they have large print books, talking books, and braille books. They send me a catalog every quarter to place my list and they will send the books by mail that you pick out. When I get through with the books...I sent it back with no postage required.......It's all Free. It's great that Mississippi have this program for the people who has eyes impairments. Great programs. Maybe your State has the program....check it out for your family members who had eyes impairments.

7. My most important and favorite book is.... My King James Bible.....I cherish it every day. Without it.... I would be so weak.....Reading the words...just lift me up and make me stronger. "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me." Phillippians 4:13. I would read a verse or a chapter each day.....My favorite is the books of Phillippian, Psalms, Proverbs, and many more. I hope you learn about me...I don't do a lots of book reading.....I do a lots of Bible reading. not perfect....Jesus is perfect one..... I need my Bible each day to give me "HOPE".

My Happy Heart Friends that I will tagged is:

Plantbuddy at Water Once A Week

Carol at Charli and Me
Remember to Pray.....Jan at Jan and Tom's Place hosted the "Come Unto Jesus & Pray" every Tuesday. Thanks you Jan for having this post every Tuesday. Prayers is what we all need. I'm so Thankful to have the Peace and Hope we have in Jesus. Click on Jesus .....visit and pray for others.

You all have a great day....Katherinellen

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Pink Saturday" ~My Little One In Pink~

Beverly at How Sweet The Sound hosted the "Pink Saturday"...It's has been fun to meet all the "Pink" partcipants showing their "Pink" posts. Please click on the button on left to visits the "pink Saturday"...You have a Happy Pink Saturday......

Remember my little pink fairy.....

Here she is with her little cute outfit....She is with her grandpa...

She would not look at me to get her picture...She was shy that day. Awwww! I am a proud Great Aunt...I have 7 Great Nieces and 7 Great Nephews....1 Great Great Niece....Also have 25 Nieces and Nephews..... They are all special to me. I am blessed! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Pink Saturday!...May the Lord bless You all.....~Smiles and Hugs

Friday, November 21, 2008

"Hopeful Friday"

Cielo at Huse in the Roses hosted "Hopeful Friday".....You will be blessed to take a walk through ''Hopeful Friday" today. Click on the button on left to view all the partcipants who express their "Hope"...

You all have a Hopeful Weekends.....Jesus loves you and I love you too! ~Katherinellen~

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Rose Wednesday" My friend...Rosemarie

Jan at Jan and Tom's Place hosted the "Rose Wednesday" Take a walk through the Beautiful path of Rose Wednesday ..You will enjoy the tour....May the Lord send you a beautiful Fragrance of Love. ...Bless you all....
My "Rose Wednesday" is ..... Rosemarie at Sugarplum Cottage This is Rosemarie roses....they are beautiful! She has more roses and other flowers on her blog.She is my dear friend. She has so many beautiful Roses. AHhhhh! It's breathtaking to tour her garden. She live in the same town with me. She also go to the same church with me. I love her so dearly. She is one of a Special friend of mine. Go on over to visit her blog Sugarplum Cottage You will enjoy the tour of her beautiful roses.....She love to recieve comments. You all have a blessful day.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Come To Jesus & Pray"

Jan at Jan & Tom's Place is hosting the "Come To Jesus & Pray"

Click on the button on pray for all the prayer requests. Please visit all the one who on the lists. Encourage them that you are praying for them. It's wonderful to know that someone is praying and cares.

Let us remember the Southern California....and keep them in our prayers. May the Lord keep them safe and protect their homes
(photo by Foxnews)

. My prayers are with those who have lost their home. May the Lord give them strength and comfort. Thanks for your prayers and stopping by. Smiles and Hugs

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank You Notes

Give our God and praise him always. I want to express my Thanks to you. You are special to me. I looks forward hearing from you all everyday. You make me smile, laugh, and brighten my day. Thank you all for being my friend. Thank you Lord for sending them into my life. I give you praise for everything you have given me. My prayers are with you daily. May the Lord continue to bless you all...."A friends loveth at all times." Proverbs 17:17
You all have a wonderful week...Thank you again for stopping by....and thanks for your sweet comments...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Pink Saturday"

Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is hosting "Pink Saturday" Click on the button on right to view the pink posts....You will have a FUN-Tastic Day.....Have a Happy Pink Saturday"...

This is not much of pink...but it has little pink on the button....I love black and white....and I found some button that has unique has some pink in it......Love all the color together......I made this picture...with ribbons,buttons,and Uppercase Living Transfer Words. It only took me about 2 hrs to make it..... I enjoyed doing crafts. Go on over to visit Beverly to view all the "Pinkie" Have a wonderful weekends....Hugs And Smiles!

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Hopeful Friday" Teachers & Educators Appreciation Week

Cielo at House in the Roses is the hostess of Hopeful Friday Go on over to view all the participates blog about their "Hope" Thank you Cielo for sharing this events. May God bless you!

This is my mama, sister(Jenny) and future sister-in-law (Callise). This week is Teachers and Educators Appreciation Week. Thank you mama, Jenny,and Callise. I want to express my thanks to all the teachers and educators for giving the children "Hope" & "Dream" My prayers are with you all who are doing the wonderful and important job to teach our children each day. Let us give our appreciation and thanks to them this week. May the Lord bless you all and the childrens.....You all have a wonderful "Hopeful Friday".

Smiles and Hugs


Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Pink Saturday"

(Photo from

Let us continue to Pray for our Country and Nation...... more than ever before......My prayers are with you and your family.....Jesus Christ Our Lord loves you and I loves you too!

Beverly at How Sweet The Sound is the hostess of "Pink Saturday" Thank you Beverly! Click on the link or the button to see all the partcipates blog that are sharing their "Pink"....You will have a wonderful day of Smiles......Thank you for stopping by........
May God Bless You,

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Hopeful Friday"

Cielo at The House in the Roses is the hostess for "Hopeful Friday" Thank you Cielo for sharing this event. Click on the Link or "Hopeful Friday" button to view the others partcipates that share about "HOPE"

My "Hopeful Friday" is about my feeling about our New elected President and Our Country. I will admit to you that I was very upseted, scared, and concerned when Obama got elected. But now I have to go on and be Rejoice in the Lord.......and Trust the Lord! Our Lord knew who was going to win....He knows our future....He has the purpose for it. Our Lord Jesus need us to be faithful and strong to his WORD more than ever before. Let's continue to walk and talk in him. Let us not be afraid.....He will never forsake us and leave us. I also want us to pray for our new President Obama and our country "Amerida". And I also want us to pray for Israel more than we ever have before...... Let us be strong to stand on his WORD faithfully. The Lord is telling us to Witness More than ever......Pray and Praise continually.....Read and Stand on His Word than ever before.....,
Remember as we take a walk with our Lord....He will be by our side.....he is holding our us strength and straight path. "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me." Phillippians 4:13. Don't be afraid! Don't be dismayed! He will never leave or forsake us. He has a place waiting for us in his Kingdom. He is above all in this nation.....He is Kings of Kings!! Lords of Lords!! Halleluja! Praise the Lord!
May the Lord be with You all always

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