Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Giveaway........on Uppercase Living. The drawing will be announce on June 7th.... If you visit the web-site to answer the question, you will get extra name ticket to put in the drawing. You get one name ticket just posting comment on the uppercase living/my blog.
Answering the question is not required.....It just give you more chances to win.....more name in the drawing bucket.
1. What page is the phrase is on: "I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me".
2. And what is the word phrase say on page 66.
3. What page is the phrase is on; Kitchen The Heart of the Home.

There will be two giveaway....... You will get a choice of what you want within $10.00 purchase with my cost......and 5 little sample of words: Hope, Love, Dream, Believe, and Simplify. You can put the little sample words on candles, plate, frame, wall, etc..... Everyone that leave comment will be in the drawing....but answering questions will give you more chances for the drawing....Scroll down on the side banner to click on the Uppercase Living site and key in my
id# 577386 Token: ingram
Hope you all have a bless day! Spread the words and tell your friend about the drawing...... :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

CoNGrAtULaTiOn DaNiEl !!

May 24, 2008

Congratulaion Daniel! I am proud of YOU!

This is my nephew.Daniel. He is planning to go to college.....Columbia State College in Tennessee. He is going to study in Criminal Justice. We are all proud of him.
Daniel, Amy & Stan(my sister & her husband)

Amy,Daniel,Hope(niece),& Stan Hope & Daniel
(Niece & Nephew) Daniel grads party.

You all have a Wonderful Day!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

PuRsEs! pUrSeS! PuRsEs!

My sister,Amy. She has the purses on SALE at her shop. They were $20.00 reg. and they are half off. They are $10.00 and I don't know what the shipping/tax will be. I bought two purses. If You see anything that interesting to you, just e-mail me or comment....... This is the wreath that Amy bought from her friend,Margie. She had bought 3 for her.....I believe she had 2 or 3 left. You all have a wonderful day......Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Uppercase Living Words

I want to share about my niece apartment. Hope had decorated her apartment with Uppercase Living words. She is going to college to be a teacher. I am so proud of her! She decorated her apartment so cute.....So I wanted to share the pictures..

This is my sister,Amy, front door.....The flower pot was a old christmas tin. She painted white,then she put the uppiercase letter "Bloom" on the piece of wood she had in her shop.. She put a screw through the flower pot to the board. Then put the flowers in the pot. She said it only cost her no more than $1.00.. She got the Bloom for a free gift by her orders she made. She had the paint/board in her shop.....and the old christmas tin. She went to dollar store and got some flowers. She can think of things that it amaze me. She is very talented......creatives. My sister is so Special to me! I'm proud of her too!This is my house number that is located front of my house. I don't have a far off picture of the house showing the number and my porch. You can put it on the wall.....let say later on that you decide you want to take it off. It will not take your paint off the wall. You also put it on frame,headboard,plate,candles,bench,other furnitures,mirror....etc. You can creat your own ideas.....I will shows some more pictures that I have done at my house....Like I did my own design on the numbers on my house.......I love this style!I hope you all enjoy looking at the pictures....If you have any questions about the uppercase living.....just e-mail me or leave comments. I hope you all have a blessful day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WaTcH Me ReAcH My GoAl

I am going to Curve everyday except Sunday. I am planning to lose weight for my health. This is my before picture....and as I go on with reaching my goal....I will update my pictrues. So....I don't look that great. My friend Dee is exercising with me. Today I lost 3 pds. Last week I stay the same...the week before that I lost 2 pds. So I have lost total 5 pds since I joined Curve. I haven't got measure yet since I started so I know I have lost inches because I am able to get in pants and crop....1 size smaller. My clothes are loose. Since I quit work last September 2007, I was working at the Bakery Shop called Teresa Cake Shop. I have lost 24 pds since September. I have work at the bakery for 10 years. I am so excited that I'm losing the weight that have gain over the years. I still have a long ways to go. I am already feeling a lot better with myself. Can get around and breath better. So you all please pray for me to continue to keep losing the weight. You all have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My LiTTlE GaRdEn

This is my little garden I have been working on before spring.....As you see the roses are blooming. And my lilies are blooming too....there is flowers on one of the lily plant. As you see....this picture was taken 3 weeks ago. You should see the garden now. I still have to get me a camera....I had my daughter to take these pictures 3 week ago. Today they are twice as big. The April shower had brought us May flowers. I still haven't decided where to put my birdhouse that I gotten at Canton Fleamarket. But when I put it up, I will take a picture of it. This is my daylily......I loves daylily as well as I love my Roses. The daylily don't need any pampering. Mine just tend to their self. I just have to keep watering them all the time....Mine love Water and Sunshine!!

This is my beautiful pink roses....they bloom like crazy. I think this rose is called Helen Hayes. When it buds it start with yellow...then when it is blooming it is kinda pinky-orange darl color. It almost looks hot pink or dark coral. Then it turn lighter and lighter pink when it full bloom. I made my mother the flower arrangement for Mother Day last week...She kept saying why did you just leave them in your garden to enjoy it....I told her that I wanted her to enjoy them too. I was told that the more you cut the roses the more it blooms. And they are blooming like crazy!
This is a wonderful picture of Pink Rose(Helen Hayes)!...It's so Perfect!! This is everybody favorite and my favorite too!..It just looks so simplify and perfect.

Look at this Red Rose Buddin....I just loves Roses!
I think this is David Austin Rose.

And here the Lily Pons Roses. When it buds it start out yellow....then when it full bloom, the center of the rose is yellow. The outer of the rose is white.
I have more roses to show you all later.....miniture Roses from Cottage Farm. I have climbing roses....they are not blooming yet. Don't remember some of my Roses name. But I know some of them. The roses on this post are from Cottage Farm. They are doing better than my roses I had for 8 years. I only had these about 4 months. You all have a Great Day

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Pray for Rosemarie(Sugarplum cottage)Pamela(French Rustic Cottage) and their family. Yesterday they received the news that their brother has passed away. Let's remember Rose,Pam,
their mom and family in our prayers.
May the Lord comfort them with Peace, Surround them with his Love,
And holds them with his Presence.

" And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;" Romans 14:16

(Pictures shown is my daylily's and roses in my garden)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Canton Mississippi Flea Marketplace Trip

I have been so busy this week. I went to the flea market in Canton, MS. this past Thurs. They have this events only twice a year. It's always on the second Thurs. of May and October for ONE DAY events. Oh my gosh, it was so much to see in one day.....I don't know if we got to see all the booths. They had so much wonderful crafts and things that I could not list it because it would be too long(list). . Got some great ideas there also..... I've always heard about it and never went to it. Because I could not get off work. Well, I got to go for the first time and had a great time. The picture on the right is two of the ladies with me. There were 10 of us (church family) that went. I bought me a birdhouse on stand ($22.00). It is so cute. I haven't put it up yet in the yard....I can't seem to decide where I want to put it, I also bought my friend a butterfly wind spinner for $10.00. It was half a good deal. I hope we will get to go this Oct. Click on this to get more info. about Canton, MS. flea marketplace..... Last week I had my daughter to take pictures of my flowers and roses. I haven't got me a camera yet. I have to go shop this week maybe. But anyway, I will share about my flowers this week. I also had to go to my eyes doctor on Friday, good report. Saturday, my husband and daughter took me out to eat fish for Mother Day son-in-law could not go....he had to go out of town(job). Yesterday, I went to church and went out to eat again.... I was so glad....that I did not have to do anythings.....What a Great Day for cooking and dishes. .I was HAPPY! My daughter came over again to be with me. We went to see my mama.....and visited with her too! Then the rest of the family came.....sister,brother,nephews......Had a house full of love one visiting. Had a great day yesterday. I am so blessed with such a great family's. I hope you all had a blessed Mother to hear from you all.........Take care and God bless you today. Katherinelle

Sunday, May 11, 2008


"Blessed are the pure in heart..." Matthew 5:8

Each one of you are SPECIAL!

May the Lord bless you and your family on this Special Day and Years to Come! My prayers are with you all......Hugs and Luvs, Katherinellen......."

Monday, May 5, 2008

ToUr To ThE WiLLoW NeSt

It's Here! The Tour to "The Willow's Nest". . This is Amy friend ,Margie,business's, My sister,Amy, rent booths there. And there are other booths in the shop that are rented by several people.... If you live close by Chapel Hill, TN ~~~~Come by and stop for a visit. Soon my sister,Amy, will have a blog set up. And she also will have Etpy account. She also have a shop "The Bluebird Cottage" at home where she does her furniture repair, make furniture,crafts,paints antiques,and gifts... She will put her products on Etpy soon! Enjoy The Tour!! You all have a great day!

This is my sister,AMY. She will be telling the story about the place in Tenn. and what she does.

This is a picture of me in the Shop looking very tired~lol
I moved furniture all day~ FUN!

This is a picture of the Shop sign ~~~ "The Willow's Nest" It is located on Main street in Chapel Hill, Tennessee
~but hey! Don't BLINK, you'll miss us~!

This is a picture of a piece of furniture I just finished. It was brought to me in pretty rough shape. It is all cedar which makes it , "Oh, so Heavy!" I painted it white, added the shutters on the doors, painted them peach then distressed it all to give it that Shabby Chic look. I finished it with a saying from UpperCase Living, "Count Your Blessings" then painted vines and peachy flowers to complete the look.

This is a cute table for two. My husband, Stan, built it out of oak. We stained the bottom and painted the top black then distressed it. I painted two chairs black and distressed them as well. Then added black and white toile to the cushion. This turned out so precious and very French Country~

This is a dresser my friend, Margie, painted. She gave it a distress finish to give it that Shabby Chic feel. Margie is the owner of, "The Willow's Nest" where I have my booths and also work 2 days a week. I love doing this~ It is so fun and rewarding. Rewarding in that you can take some piece of furniture that has no hope and turn it into a jewel that someone actually wants to carry home~!

Thank you for your visit! Hope you all enjoyed the tour! Have a Blessing Day!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

HoPe In ThE LoRd

This morning I was reading my Bible and found this scripture.....I wanted to share it with you all today. It's in Psalms 31:24 "Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord." I am so glad I know the Lord with all my heart, without him I can do nothing. He is the One, who give me strength each day....and I have HOPE in him. One day we all going home in Heaven to have a CELEBRATION with our LORD!! PRAISE THE LORD! AMEN! AMEN! You all have a Glorious Day today! PS. Coming soon is the TOur of My sister & her friend shop.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

GaRdEn TiPs On FooDgEEkS.CoM

Go to I have heard about the coffee grinds...but first time heard of eggs shell. There is all kinds of tips on household uses. Enjoy reading....I did!! Got good info......You all have a great weekends....Hugs....Kat

Friday, May 2, 2008

WhAt"s FrIeNd MeAn To YoU

All my friends have "Spccial Places in my Heart." I am so thankful that the Lord had brought them into my life. I have more new friend (bloggers) now. I can't wait to see what you all have on your posts. You all are so talented!! You all are my Special Friends too! I would loves to hear your comments~~~What's friend mean to YOU? You all have a Bless Day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

TeAcHeR Of ThE YeAr~~~CoNGrATuLaTiOn JeNNy!!

Congratulation! I am proud of you,Jenny. My sister will be awarded tonight for being the "Teacher of the Year". My family and I are proud of her. She is a third grade teacher at Sharon Elementary in Laurel, MS. She has been teaching for 4 years. She loves her children and they loves her. Keep up the great job, Jenny! And again.....Congratulation! May the Lord continue blessing you and your family. I am proud of you and love you very much. Hugs and Kisses~~~Big Sis, Kathy

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