Monday, December 1, 2008

End of Fall...and Begin to Winter...

Most of the blog I have visit have already receive snow.....My yard was not loaded with leaves until the cold front came Saturday night. You could hear the wind blowing all night you would when you all have Winter storm. We woke up....this what we saw. When I walk on the just deep up to my ankle...the picture probably don't show it well. Here in South have to be careful walking around in the yard with leaves... Sometime you will come up on a copperhead or rattle snake...because they tend to hide to stay warm in the sun. I hoping that they are already made their home in ground for the Winter. Yike! It's rain all weekends...I'm not complaining...we need it. So we will have to get these leaves up before we put our Christmas decor out in the yard. Hoping it will be beautiful this coming weekends. I haven't started my decoration inside...I'm planning to do it today. I want to thank you all for stopping by....if I don't get to you right away....I will visit you soon. I will be busy doing my decoration today....Love to hear from you all soon...Have a great day! Katherinellen


  1. Happy decorating my friend!! I hope you are having a blessed day!!~HUGS~Wendy

  2. Katherinellen, thank you for your sweet comment today. We had lots of leaves until today. Now we are snowed in. White everywhere. Fun to see.

    We are trying to decorate also. It is time consuming. I love it though.

    Good luck in the drawing tonight. Remember the drawing will be for six days so come over and visit.


  3. Hi Kat,
    I didn't think you got that much snow in Mississippi, but there it is in your garden! Watch out for the rattlers.
    I haven't gotten to your book tag yet. I'm waiting for Amazon to approve my site for their ads.
    Have lots of fun with decorating.

  4. oh thanks for the visit on my blog. Enjoy the decorating, sip some hot chocolate and enjoy! You'll have to put all away in a month!lol. Hugs Denise

  5. GLAD I do not have to worry about coming across a snake while strolling through my yard! :)

    Hope you're having a good week!


  6. You have a very pretty yard. Happy decorating :>) A snake would just freak me out.

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Thank you for taking the time of visiting with a happy heart. I will be happy to hear from you and I will visit you soon. You all have a blessful day! Katherinellen

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