Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Come To Jesus & Pray"

Jan at Jan & Tom's Place is hosting the "Come To Jesus & Pray"

Click on the button on left...to pray for all the prayer requests. Please visit all the one who on the lists. Encourage them that you are praying for them. It's wonderful to know that someone is praying and cares.

Let us remember the Southern California....and keep them in our prayers. May the Lord keep them safe and protect their homes
(photo by Foxnews)

. My prayers are with those who have lost their home. May the Lord give them strength and comfort. Thanks for your prayers and stopping by. Smiles and Hugs


  1. Thank you for drawing me to a stop to think and to reflect. It's so easy to forget, and what you have said is beautiful.

  2. I'll joint the prayer group!

    Happy day


  3. Hi! nice to meet you! thank so very much for your comments! you have nice blog and I love your pink banner!
    Marina from Argentina!

  4. Katherinellen, I like your stop sign to remind us to 'stop' and pray. Our lives are so busy we sometimes forget to talk to our Lord.

    Come over I have tagged you with a book tag. Please do not worry about it if you don' have time to do it. If you aren't a reader it may not interest you. I had fun with it.


  5. Blessings to you as well.
    very caring and thoughtful

  6. In all times if we need GOD we always calling him we went to him and having a conversation with him through our prayers but is your prayer helpful? will,I guess yes!!! don't worry everyday I pray and I didn't forget the whole world in my prayer meaning all is included nothing behind..will don't stop praying GOD is good:)He made us because he want us to be happy if that happened it's because he have other plan to every one who live in that place...:)GOD is GREAT!!!



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