Friday, October 10, 2008

"Hopeful Friday"

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You will be Blessed!


Each day is a day that God has given us,

and each moment of that day is in His hands.

~Roy Lessin~

This is the day the Lord has made,
let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalms 118;24 (NIV)

I am so thankful that my God is with me each day....without him....I would not have HOPE!

I have been blessed this week. This package came yesterday and I was like a kid opening the package. It was from Terri at Thistle House Primitive. It's so cute! She did a wonderful job. She wrote me a sweet note on her cute little stationary note with her heading on it "Thisle House Premitives" I will always treasure it and will remember her every fall. Thank you Terri..I love it! Fall on over to her blog to visit... Terri

Look at the little note...Cute as it cam be...
Look at the candle mat...It"s so adorable and cute!

Wednesday was a "Wacky Wednesday" at Curve

Each machine had a number on it....

and they would draw every hour to pick the numer out of a fish bowl..

And if you are on that machine that the nember they call...
ou won a prize...

Guess what!

This is so's a little tin with mint...It's about 1 x1 little tin

Look at the girl....she is going to Curve...
to excercise...I wish I could have her figure...LOL Maybe one day I will reach my goal...
Guess what kind this mint is....Yes.....IT"S CHOCOLATE!The best thing about it is...It's Sugar Free...LOL...
so if I get kinda having chocolate craves....
I can get this mint out..
and have me 1.....maybe 2...LOL It's so Cute! Mmmmm It's also good!

You All have a "Hopeful Friday"
and a Blessful Weekends!



  1. Happy Hopeful Friday. This is the day the the Lord has made let us be glad and rejoice in it.
    Congrats on your win!

  2. Candles and hope, so synonymous. What a lovely post and such nourishing Scripture. I have been blessed by your hopeful post. : )

  3. Indeed, "each day is a day that God has given us, and each moment of that day is in His hands"... thank YOU Lord! and thank you, sweet friend for this inspirational and powerful post.

    Blessings to you and yours...


  4. Katherinellin, I am sorry I haven't been to visit. I had to have mouth surgery and have been really down for a couple of days. I finally feel better today. I enjoyed your post today and I am feeling bad about missing some of your posts. I enjoyed your post today and am happy for your curves win. Mmmmm sugar free candy. How good is that? The tin is very cute. I used to go to curves until we moved here. It is so far to go now.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  5. Happy Hopeful Friday.
    "We are all pencils in the hand of God."
    - Mother Teresa
    May the Lord fill you with love and joy.
    Blessings, Virginia

  6. Your gifts are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your wonderful post. I love that little hope candle. It is so sweet. Happy days! Bless you!


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