Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thank you all for your prayers

I want to express my thanks to you all for praying for us in Gulfcoast of Mississippi, Louisianna, Alabama, Texas, and Florida. Thank's was not as bad as Katrina that they had predicted. Gustav was a category 4 and it downgraded to category 2 when it hit inland. Our prayers was answered...that it was not as strong as Katrina. There were major damaged in Lousianna...and some in Mississpi. But there a lots of flooding in Louisiana,Arkansas,Mississppi, and Alabama. We did not lose our electricity....thank goodness! We had severe weather yesterday than we did on Monday when Gustav came inland. We had lots of rain.....that we are in flood warning until this AM. We are going to have more rain this afternoon. We don't have to worry about the flooding at my house....We live up on a high hill. You will see it on the picture how high up we are from the neighbor and road. Keep others people who live in low lying area that they are capable of flooding. I wish the rain was over...we had enough for sure. I'm glad that the worst part is over....we were fear of the storm because of our experienced of Katrina. I know that the Lord heard yours and our prayers.....Thanks again! Keep the people in Homa, Loisisianna in your prayers...they got the worst of it. I took some pictures around my house this weekends..

This was taken during the storm.....we had lots of thunderstorms and tornadoe warning....We still having lots of severe weather..Thank goodness! And you will see that we have lots of trees around us....I love it! It's shady and so peaceful!This picture is front of my house....if you look real will see the house and car there....that how high we are from the road. It's kinda dark because of the weather and we have lots of trees..This is my husband,Jerry and his sister,Sybil enjoying sitting out on the husband didn't smile....he hate getting his picture made.
This is another view in front of my dark because of the storm can really tell how high up we up from the road....I told my friend if we get flooded...Our town would be in troubled....While we were sitting out on the porch we saw this little hummingsbird drink his food.....she did not let the storm stop her.....Then we
Red Birds out too! If you looks real close...I think there is one by the in the middle and one on the driveway....It's kinda of dark but you still can tell what they are.....When I sit on my porch...that what I see and hear the birds singing and playing.....You all have a Wonderful Wednesday! Got to go for now....going to the dentist....I will be back to visit your blod.....Love to hear from you my friends..... Hugs & Smiles !Katherinellen~

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