Saturday, September 27, 2008

"PINK SATURDAY" A Little Teapot

This little teapot is about 2 inches tall and 3 inches wide. My sister gave me this for my birthday 2 years ago. She bought it at Antique & Gifts Shop in Franklin, TN....I have several teapots and teacups. I know it not an old teapot...It said "A Special Place"...and it was made in 2003. But it has a stamp with all the information on the bottow of the teapot. I don't know if it a collectible item. It's made in China. I know that things in China are not valuable...that what I've always heard. No matter if it worth anything...I love the just so Pinky Cute! And it's SPECIAL because my sister gave it to me. Tell me what you think.....about it. You all have a "Pinky Day". Here the bottom of this teapot on picture below......tell me what you think about that details.

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Thank you Beverly for hosting "Pink Saturday" I have enjoyed seeing Beautiful Pink Treasures. Go to the site and look at all the "Pink Saturday Posts". You will be TICKLE PINK.....Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear from your Happy Heart....Smiles ~Katherinellen~


  1. Happy PINKness day Katherinellen!!

    Pretty sister-given little TeaPot!!

  2. Katherinellen, Your pink teapot is adorable. I love the pink and yellow flowers. It probably will only have real value for you, because your sweet sister gave it to you. You are right about things made in China. Maybe 50 years from now it may have more monetary value, but the way things become valuable is how rare they are. The way China mass produces these items, there is little chance they will become rare. This gift will always be special to you and a treasure to love because of who gave it to you.

    Love and blessings...Jeanne

  3. Your little pink flowered teapot is just as cute as can be. Take care.

  4. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This PINK china is fantastic, I love the huge flowers on it!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  5. Must be higher quailty product from china otherwise it would be dishwasher safe, least that's what I think, I'm pinkily sticking to it! LOL

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, Katherinellen.

    I love your little teapot, and it is most special as a gift from your sister. I know you will always smile and think of her when you look at it.

  7. It's so adorable! And the nice thing is, if the Special Place items do become collectible in the future, it is well marked! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. It is valuable because you love it : ) It's very pretty. Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. How sweet !! That is just the right size too. :) Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

  10. Precious. Happy Pink Saturday!
    Come visit me.

  11. Hi Katherinellen,
    I love the little teapot! what a treasure.

    Hope all is well with you.

  12. What an adorable teapot, I think that is is special because your sister gave it to you! ~ Robyn

  13. What a sweet little teapot! What a wonderful keepsake from your sister...I'm sure you will treasure it always!


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