Thursday, September 4, 2008



My #1 favrite is the Eskimo Pie Ice Coffee....OMGOSH! This is DELICIOUS! you can get this at Signature Coffee Shop in Laurel, Mississippi. It's out of this world!!! They have great coffee! All Kinds! They also have Hot Chocolate, Cappuchino,and pastries. They also have sandwiches and soups. I love this Coffee Shop...It's a cute little can go outside...they have a little outie area with bench and tables. It's my favorite place. My friends,Dee Sonya and I try to go at least onec or twice a week.


My #2 favorite is Sonic Java Chiller....Mocha or Caramel flavor.....Mmmmmm! Delicious........Oh..I forgot to tell ya that guess what I do at the end of my drink on both #1 and #2....have to have my last drop.....SLURrrrP.....SLURrrrP.....It's so loud when I do it...LOL It's Good!


My #3 favorite....Starbuck Doubleshot Coffee (energy drink & Mocha flavor) I have heard about this one through the bloggers....I just tried it the other day when we were coming back from Gulfcoast (Pascagoula Mississippi) ........It's delicious too!....only when it very ice cold. This is my friend Dee.....she is one of my special friend. She always keep me laughting and smiling. She is a great friend!

Now what's your favorite.....I would love to hear about your favorite hot or ice coffee! Love to hear your favorite treats. Love to hear your happy heart comments.... You all have a Blast Thursday! Smiles & Hugs ~Katherine~


  1. HI!! NICE TO MEET YOU! Yes, I love coffee so so so very much! I love it! and your Pie ice coffee is yummy!!! I wanna coffe!;)

    see you from Argentina- from far- from spring time!


  2. Hi Kathy, I don't really like coffee but what I have started doing since last winter is make what I call Choffee.....its hot chocolate and brewed coffee together......YUMMY!!! I hope your having a great day my friend!!~Wendy

  3. Katherinellen, Thank you for your visits and sweet comments. I have to say I am feeling pretty good today. I think time has helped with the pain.

    I'm glad you had some smiles over the ice cream trip. It actually was the way it went that day.:)

    Your coffee post makes me want some of that coffee now. I do not usually have coffee, except in the morning. However, I'm ready to branch out. Yum.

    Your friend looks like she is lots of fun.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  4. Kathy,

    I have to admit that I'm not a coffee drinker...I never could get used to any of it! However, I LOVE to smell it brewing! It's such a comforting, homey, and cozy smell! It the fall and winter, I drink lots of hot chocolate though!

    Gosh, I'd love to meet you Katherine! I don't live anywhere near Hot Springs though...I'm about 3 hours from there..maybe a little more. I hope you all have a great time at your women's seminar! It sounds great!

    Have a great day!

  5. Hi Katherine...

    Thanks for the visit and comments!! I've added you to my favorite bloggers list and will be visiting you, too!

    Glad you'll be attending our Tea Party! Will you be posting your own TEA PARTY that day or just visiting everyone else? Please let me know...if you're posting your own, please sign up on the post that says SIGN-UP HERE.


  6. Yummo! That looks delicious.

    I love my coffee black, and I like a Kona blend.

  7. I love iced coffee. I can not go a day without it! I drink it year round! I do like a hot coffee now and then.


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