Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is my Hot Pink Roses. I think is called David Autin Roses. When it bloom to a is yellow....then it turn dark hot pink....after when it fully bloom....few day later it turn lighter....pretty light pink. It's so interestin g to watch this roses. .I purchase this from Cottage QVC. Cottage Farm is in Mobil, AL...

Good morning to my blogfriends.....I haven't been on the computer since Friday evening....I have been so busy preparing for Hurricane Gustav. I am having company from Pascagoula,MS come and stay with us. It's my sister-in-law & brother-in-law. We will know about Gustav probably this afternoon....Where is Gustav is going? We all have to be prepared..from Florida to Texas. I am about 90 miles from the Mississippi Gulfcoast (1 1/2 hrs) and 2 1/2 hrs from New Orleans. We all are kinda nervous....because of what we went through with Katrina. I do know that we are more prepared this have plenty of water,ice,batterries,food,gas, and cash. Last time we wasn't prepared enough of ice and water for not having electric for 15 days.....Now we got enough of everthing in case that will happen again. During Katrina...we could not find ice or water..... I'm telling that ICE was like GOLD...... I wasn't much of water drinker but after Katrina...I drink ice water all the time. Katrina did alots of damage from Gulfcoast to Jackson/Meridian. And don't forget New's devastating......We are praying that it won't be bad as Katrina..... Gustav is a strong category 4 right now. Same as Katrina was....maybe it won't be bad. God is in control....we will make it....We did through Katrina. My favorite verse is " I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me." Phillippians 4:13 With the Lord help....we will help each other through this...... I will try to keep you all in long as I have electricity. My local new web-site is or I live in Laurel .... close to Rose ( about 3 miles..... Go to her blog..she had the posts about Remembering Katrina......I am close to Hattiesburg (30 miles) About 60 miles from Meridian. and 90 miles from Jackson. I hope everyone is having a great weekends. I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments and thanks for praying for us....Continue to keep us in your prayers.....You all have a Blessed Sunday! :) Smiles ~Katherinelln~

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  1. We are keeping our eyes on all of the storm news, and praying that all will be safe.


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