Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My friend Dee needed a flower arrangement for a birthday party. So I came up with this handbag,flowers,and supply.
So I got a gift box that would fit in the handbags...filled with tissue paper in open places inside. Packed it with tissue paper in the side area inside so it can hold the handbag up straight....then I put the flower foam inside the giftbox. The gift box give it more support to stand up straight. You will see the tissue pack on the side at the picture below.......Then I put the flowers in ......and arranged it....... Ta Da.....It's done! It only took me maybe about 15 minutes.....I'm sure someone has thought of this before......But this one was my ideas. Never had seen anyone or seen in the magazine. I was just so excited...when I got through with it.....It's just sooooo...CUTE! The birthday cake was going to have a purse and high heel shoes on it.....Black and pink polka dotted. So my friend wanted something for a centerpiece. So this is what I did for her. I have several purses and handbags that I haven't sold. And it work out that I had this pink polka dotted. ..Everything works in place....But one things that I wish I would have done...is to add wired ribbon to it....... to add a little feminine to it...Next time I will......The party was yesterday....I wanted to save the pics for tomorrow post.......It's was a Cute party! Can't wait for you to see......:-D

Thank you all for stopping by.....I will stop by yours as soon I can...If I don't....please allow me a couple a day to get back with you. I want to thanks each blog friends (old and new)....that I have enjoyed reading and knowing about you all....Hope you all have a Terrific Tuesday! Tomorrow will be continue of the handbag of flowers at the Birthday Party! Thanks again.....Smiles and Hugs~Kathy~


  1. That is really a cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing it(-:

  2. I can't wait to see it as the center piece!! You did a hreat job, I don't think I have ever seen one like this either!!! Take care!~Wendy

  3. Kathy- I came over from Rose's blog...
    Beautiful job on the arrangement! I would have never thought of anything that creative- you are one talented lady!!
    You have a wonderful blog!

  4. Hi Kathy,
    That's a cute idea! And simple too...thanks for posting.

  5. That is beautiful! They sale some "handbags" that are meant to hold flowers, but I don't think they'd stand like yours does, so yours is better.

    Ok my son is licking his thumb and rubbing it across the screen, better get off the computer.

  6. That is the neatest idea...I love it!

  7. Kathy,

    It's a really great idea! I just might have to use that sometime! I like the simplest things and I think they look the best! Thanks for sharing!



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