Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Handbag of Flowers and The Birthday Party

I almost waited too late to post this continue of the Handbag of Flowers and The Surprise Birthday Party..... I have been busy the house,mop,vacumn,wash 5 loads of clothes,clean the bathroom & kitchen,and fold clothes. Also went to lunch with my friends. Now I finally sat down at the computer to post you the pics. Yesterday I show you how I put an idea of making a centerpiece for my friend Dee. It was for the surprise birthday party for her Aunt Margaret... So here we go......

This is the centerpiece I made.....It's the handbag....add flowers into it....and arranged it. It only took me about 15 min......

Here it is on the table......with balloon tied to it........we put play high heel on the table by the handbag....I hope you can see it...and also you will see a black bead necklace.....the pics below might show a little better.....Had cute napkins....different styles..... the cake had purse and high heel on the cake.......This table is decorated with hat boxes.....with ribbons....and also we had paper for everyone to write to Margaret. Like old memories,and friendship notes. Then Dee is going to finish the scrapbook with all the paper that was created by her friends and families.....add pictures of the party to it. This is the gift for her Aunt Margaret.

This is the cake.....It's so CUTE!

Another cake in case we need more....There were over 50 people at the party.....We all had a great time. Ms. Margaret was very surprise....was happy and crying.......She enjoyed so much..........

The tables where people sat and ate....was decorated with prim jewelry....The jewelry belong to Dee mother.....She has some old were beautiful.....This the picture of Margaret friend ushering her in for the surprise party...Margaret...was surprise! She came in and then backup...she had no idea about the party....This is the picture of Margaret walking in....It's camera did not take that one good......hope Dee has a better one..... :O

This is most of Margaret friend and family......Margaret is the first one on the left front row.....I know some of the ladies name but not all them.....Dee is the second lady in the back row....This is Margaret and friends......
And this is ME.....Thank you for stopping all mean alots to me....You all have a Wonderful Wednesday! ~Smiles~ Kathy


  1. It looks great!!! Your friend looks great for 80 yrs old!!! It looks like you all had a great time!! Hope you are having a great day!!~Wendy

  2. That was a clever idea with the hand bag! The cakes look yummy! I hope I live to be atleast 80 and look that good!

  3. Very sweet picture of you, Kathy. Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun. You did a great job decorating, you go girl! Love ya Rose

  4. Great job on making someone smile. The bag idea, very cute.
    You also have an award waiting at my site.
    Have a great day.

  5. Hi Kathy!
    You did a wonderful job decorating for the party!She looked so surprised, and very happy. You are so sweet to do that for her. You had such great ideas for the decorations..i am sure they are all marveling over your creativity.
    Also, that is an adorable picture of you...keep smilin girlfriend!
    xxxooo Ruth


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