Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Parents 50th Anniversary Celebrations!

My parents had a wonderful celebration on their 50th Anniversary ceremony. They renew their vows. My daddy said that it was another new chapter of their life together. I thought that was so sweet. My mother wrote a poem to my daddy to expressed her love for him. I am so blessed to have a parents who loves each other so much. We had a wonderful time of celebration! We change our plan again. My mother felt a little better and we decorated the church and the family life center. Everyone had a part to prepared for the calebration. We all cook a dish to bring. We all had a part of decorated the family life. It all fell in place to a beautiful simple and elegant setting. We celebrated their vows first in the sanutary, then went over to the life center to eat dinner and cake. It was a private ceremony with our family. All the attendants was my parents, 4 children, and 8 grandchildren. Pastor Ken Reagan performed the ceremony. He did a wonderful presentaiton. Also my friend, Debbie and her husband came. Debbie did the pictures for us. We had a wonderful time! We had a lots of pictures. Here are the pictures of my parents. I will be out and about again. We are celebrating our homecoming for our church. So I will post again probably Monday. I have been so busy since last week. I will catch up with your post and I haven't forgot about you all. Thank you all for stopping by. You all are spicial to me. You all have a wonderful week and weekends. May the Lord bless you all!New Chapter Of Their Life Together!


  1. What a great story and pictures. Please tell them I said congratulations!

  2. Katherinellen, what a beautiful name.. My family have lots of double names. My niece is Joyellen. Thanks for visiting my post and for your sweet comments. Congratulations to your parents, they look so happy. I love that you still call them daddy and momma. I called my parents the same no matter how old I was.


  3. How wonderful!! Congratulations to your parents!! I pray you have a Blessed weekend!!~Wendy

  4. What a great story about your parents anniversary. How very special to celebrate that day with them!
    Love, Ann

  5. Hi Kathy ..
    OH such a sweet comment you left for me to linger over(:)
    You are so nice and you are beautiful too ..
    ~~ I loved the tribute to your parents ,they took a great picture ..
    blessings and big hugs Patty... I'll be back to visit often..

  6. Me again Kathy..I wonder if you can tell me what font this is.. I just love it ..Thanks Patty(:)
    "I CaN Do All ThInGs ThRoUgH JeSuS ChRiSt WhO StReNgThEn Me". PhiLLiPPiAnS 4:13

  7. What a beautifully blessed event...50 years...thats amazing and they look so happy together.
    I love the scripture you posted today...Proverbs is so rich in wisdom, isn't it?!
    Have a beautiful day Katherinellen!
    xxxooo Ruth

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your nice comment, and giving me a chance to return the visit. Lovely blog you have created! I enjoyed this post about your parents' anniversary, and my congratulations to them. You are blessed to still have both of them...I had happy flashbacks to my late parents' and grandparents' Golden Anniversaries many, many years ago and I treasure those memories. Family bonds are the glue that hold us together and should never be taken for granted. Although mine are gone, LOVE is forever and their spirits are always in my heart and mind.
    Best regards, Jon on 7-12-08 at Mississippi Garden


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