Friday, July 18, 2008

Homegrown Veggies

Got these veggies from our neighbor, Donnie. My favorite meal in the Summer is a juicy tomatoes sandwich with lots of mayonaise.'s so GOOD! Love the cucumber in my salad with the salad tomatoes. Look at those little salad tomatoes....they look good! Hope you all are having some good homegrown veggies this summer.

What is your favorite Veggies at Summer time!

Love to hear your favorite! You all have a sunny day!


  1. My favorite is summer squash!! We have some growing in our garden this year I am so excited to have them from my own garden this year!!! Have a great Friday!!~Wendy

  2. Those veggies look so good ! You are so lucky to have such good luck with gardening vegetables! Ours is very slow this year.....
    have a good weekend,

  3. OOpppss- went back and read that your neighbor gave them to you..... so your neightbor has good luck w/gardening!!

    Still they all look so good :)

  4. Tomatoes first as a favorite, and squash second!

    Haven't had any squash in a week or two...I may have to get some!

    Great post,

  5. HI Kathy(:)
    oh I see my tag (:) I will do it..thanks dear..and my favorite garden veggie I think is the tomato ...Just love them... I grow Amish Heirloom tomatoes called BRANDYWINE..have you had them..very delish ~!!I'm with you on the chopped up tomatoes mixed with mayo really delish~!!
    I love your banner quote ..enter with a happy heart.. big hugs Patty

  6. Well, I will say I love fresh green beans, corn, tomatoes, and summer squash.


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