Thursday, July 3, 2008


DADDY AND MAMA July 3, 1958
September 24, 2005
at my daugter wedding

Christmas 2007

Christmas 2007

Today my parents is celebrating their 50th Anniversary. We have planned to have a private ceremony at church, and reception/dinner at Todd's place on Saturday, July 5th. We had to change the plan that we reserve in March because the owner of the place had a heart attack. My mama has been soooo sick the last 3 weeks. She is suffering with the kidney infections and pleurisy. She had went back to the doctor yesterday and got a shot. This was her 4th trip to the doctor. We hope she will be better by July 5th. My parent told us to cancel the ceremony/reception.. They want us to go to dinner at Sweet Pepper. So we are going to respect their wish. We decided to decorate my parents home with the flowers,pictures,book(Hope made) and cake to celebrate with them. We also going to sing for them (Karoke). We are still keeping some of our plans.. So we kept this to ourself. It going to be a SURPRISE to them. We want to show them the appreciation of our thanks. We are so blessed with a wonderful christian parents. We love them so much. They got marry on July 3, 1958. Raise 4 christian childrens.. They have 8 christian grandchildrens. My dad always give thanks that they have a wonderful christian family. During our planning for their Anniversary, something alway seem to not go smoothly the way we planned. So I want to close this post to encourage each one of you. To remember that the Lord is our strength and guidance. He always have better plan for us than our plan. " I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me". Phil. 4:13 .Keep us in your prayers....and we will take it day by day that the Lord has plan for us.

Happy 4th of July!
You all have a bless weekends. I will post pictures next week of my parent anniversary party.


  1. Happy anniversary to you lovely parents(:) and happy 4th too..
    hugs Patty

  2. Congratulation to your parents!
    50 years together that should be celebrated.
    Have a fun 4th.


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