Monday, June 16, 2008


We are Blessed!! First of all, My husband was in a wreck. Thank God he is not hurt. We are waiting for the police and insurance to do there work. We have a old truck. We always drive our vehicle until we have to buy another after seeing this picture you will know why I just can't believe the person who hit him was able to leave the accident...if it would have been a truck, my husband would have been hurt or not here. We were told that the car were traveling 60 mph. They ran the red light. We are blessed that my husband is not hurt....It's was God Grace that he is here...and we never know why sometime this happen. Some case like this, it would have been seriously or fatal. We don't know what the plan going to be....but I know the Lord our God will take care of us. And we have more work to do for the Lord. Thank you! LORD!

I am blessed with a Wonderful Christian Father. I had a wonderful day with my daddy. I went to church with him, ate lunch, and ate ice cream. We usually make homemade ice cream every year for Father Day....but now we buy our favorite ice cream that taste like homemade. BLUE BELL....ohhhh we love it!! I have been watching my weight and I only ate one scoop of milk chocolate ice was delicious! I usually eat 4 scoops....I can eat the whole thing too. LOL I Love ice cream. My sister from Tennesse was not able to come but she will be here in about 2 weeks for my parents 50th Anniversary. Picture(left to right) my brother sister Jenny, my daddy, and me.
I am blessed to have so many special friend...and here are two of them. Picture(left to right) Me,Dee,and Sonya. They have supported me all the way....and they are so special to me. I have all my others friend at Curve, Church family, high school friend, previous work friend,and blogs friend. Everyone is soooo SPECAL to ME! You all have a Wonderful Bless Day! : )


  1. kat,
    So glad your husband is OK, how scary when you see the truck.
    The pictures are so nice and you look so pretty there with your dad.

  2. So glad to know your husband is ok. That door doesnt look too good :(
    The pics with your dad are very cute !!
    Have a better week-


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