Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WaTcH Me ReAcH My GoAl

I am going to Curve everyday except Sunday. I am planning to lose weight for my health. This is my before picture....and as I go on with reaching my goal....I will update my pictrues. So....I don't look that great. My friend Dee is exercising with me. Today I lost 3 pds. Last week I stay the same...the week before that I lost 2 pds. So I have lost total 5 pds since I joined Curve. I haven't got measure yet since I started so I know I have lost inches because I am able to get in pants and crop....1 size smaller. My clothes are loose. Since I quit work last September 2007, I was working at the Bakery Shop called Teresa Cake Shop. I have lost 24 pds since September. I have work at the bakery for 10 years. I am so excited that I'm losing the weight that have gain over the years. I still have a long ways to go. I am already feeling a lot better with myself. Can get around and breath better. So you all please pray for me to continue to keep losing the weight. You all have a Blessed Day!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. Every little bit counts. There will be ups and downs but what counts is that you get back on and start again. I will look foward to your updates.

  2. KAT.
    Sounds like you are doing great. Just remember one pound a week is 52 pounds a year. The way time has been flying by a year is not that long.
    Your flowers all look so pretty!

  3. You goooooooo girl! I am so proud of you my friend. Pretty soon I'll have to tie rocks on you, to keep the wind from blowing you away. Walter is so proud you got your birdhouse up. We love you bunches & bunches & bunches & bunches & bunches. RoseMarie


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