Saturday, May 17, 2008

My LiTTlE GaRdEn

This is my little garden I have been working on before spring.....As you see the roses are blooming. And my lilies are blooming too....there is flowers on one of the lily plant. As you see....this picture was taken 3 weeks ago. You should see the garden now. I still have to get me a camera....I had my daughter to take these pictures 3 week ago. Today they are twice as big. The April shower had brought us May flowers. I still haven't decided where to put my birdhouse that I gotten at Canton Fleamarket. But when I put it up, I will take a picture of it. This is my daylily......I loves daylily as well as I love my Roses. The daylily don't need any pampering. Mine just tend to their self. I just have to keep watering them all the time....Mine love Water and Sunshine!!

This is my beautiful pink roses....they bloom like crazy. I think this rose is called Helen Hayes. When it buds it start with yellow...then when it is blooming it is kinda pinky-orange darl color. It almost looks hot pink or dark coral. Then it turn lighter and lighter pink when it full bloom. I made my mother the flower arrangement for Mother Day last week...She kept saying why did you just leave them in your garden to enjoy it....I told her that I wanted her to enjoy them too. I was told that the more you cut the roses the more it blooms. And they are blooming like crazy!
This is a wonderful picture of Pink Rose(Helen Hayes)!...It's so Perfect!! This is everybody favorite and my favorite too!..It just looks so simplify and perfect.

Look at this Red Rose Buddin....I just loves Roses!
I think this is David Austin Rose.

And here the Lily Pons Roses. When it buds it start out yellow....then when it full bloom, the center of the rose is yellow. The outer of the rose is white.
I have more roses to show you all later.....miniture Roses from Cottage Farm. I have climbing roses....they are not blooming yet. Don't remember some of my Roses name. But I know some of them. The roses on this post are from Cottage Farm. They are doing better than my roses I had for 8 years. I only had these about 4 months. You all have a Great Day


  1. It is just amazing how fast flowers will grow. Looking foward to seeing more pictures. You have very pretty flowers. I can never remember the name of my flowers. I just buy them because they are pretty.

  2. You go Ms. Cathy, be careful when your out in the yard by yourself. Thanks for lunch today, it was nice to rest and visit. Love ya, Rose


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